In order to remain in good standing for continued membership, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50 (unless admitted to the College Honors Program prior to Fall, 2010).
  • Attend a CHS Honors Program orientation.
  • Take one honors seminar for every year you are in the program (minimum of 2 seminars).
  • Take one honors course outside your department.
  • Take one honors course inside your department.
    • Non-honors courses can receive honors designation with the permission of the instruction and by completing an Honors Credit Form.
  • Complete an honors project and present at a poster presentation.

The classification officer for the College of Human Sciences and the chair of the College Honors Program will review each student's progress at the beginning of each semester. Should a student not make progress, he or she may be dropped from the program.

Previously contracted courses

In major courses

The courses below have been previously contracted by CHS students. Please follow the guidelines for contracting a course using the Honors Credit Form.

  • AESHM 340: Hospitality & Apparel Marketing
  • AESHM 474: Entrepreneurship in Human Sciences
  • CI 406: Intro to Multicultural Foundations of Schools and Society
  • FS HN 214: Scientific Study of Food
  • FS HN 264: Fundamentals of Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism
  • FS HN 360: Advanced Human Nutrition and Metabolism
  • FS HN 463: Community Nutrition
  • HD FS 224: Development in Young Children: Birth – Age 8
  • HD FS 276: Human Sexuality
  • HS 110: Personal and Consumer Health
  • HS 350: Human Diseases
  • KIN 266: Advanced Strength Training and Conditioning
  • KIN 355: Biomechanics
  • KIN 358: Physiology of Exercise
  • KIN 360: Sociology of Sport and Exercise
  • KIN 366: Exercise Psychology
  • KIN 385: Strategies for Professional School and Field Experience Opportunities
  • KIN 467: Exercise and Health: Behavior Change
  • KN 515: Injury Biomechanics

The following courses are offered by the University. These are courses designed specifically for the Honors students. To  enroll, register using the Access Plus procedures for a regular class. Be sure to check course availability as they are all not offered each semester.

  • FS HN 342: World Food Issues: Past & Present (University Offered Honors Course)
  • HD FS 102: Individual and Family Life Development (University Offered Honors Course)
  • HD FS 226: Development and Guidance in Middle Childhood (University Offered Honors Course)
  • HD FS 240: Literature for Children (University Offered Honors Course)
  • HD FS 276: Human Sexuality (University Offered Honors Course)
  • HD FS 283: Family Financial Management (University Offered Honors Course)
  • HD FS 340: Assessment and Curricula: Ages Birth through 2 years (University Offered Honors Course)
  • HD FS 341: Housing Finance and Policy (University Offered Honors Course)
  • HD FS 367: Abuse in Families (University Offered Honors Course)
  • HD FS 373: Death as a Part of Living (University Offered Honors Course)
  • HD FS 377: Aging and the Family (University Offered Honors Course)
  • HD FS 395: Children, Families, and Public Policy (University Offered Honors Course)

Out of major courses

The following courses have been previously contracted by CHS students as 'out of major' Honors courses. Your option are not limited to this list. You can choose to contract any course by speaking with your professor and following the Honors Credit Form guidelines.

  • PSYCH 280: Social Psychology
  • PSYCH 313: Learning and Memory
  • PSYCH 335: Abnormal Psychology of Children and Adolescents
  • PSYCH 460: Abnormal Psychology
  • BIOL 211: Principles of Biology I
  • MICRO 302: Biology of Microorganisms
  • MICRO 475: Immunology             
  • ENGL 250: Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition
  • ENGL 302: Business Communication

There are several 'out of major' Honors courses provided by the University that do not require contracting. To enroll, register using the Access Plus procedures for regular class.