Honors program peer mentors

Kathryn Holly

Major: Elementary Education
Year: Senior
Email: krholly@iastate.edu
Hometown: Kelley, IA
Favorite place on campus: Lagomarcino
Best thing about honors: I love the honors seminars the best because they always cover such interesting topics that you would not normally get to learn about in other college classes. They are so diverse and fun in their content, which you also get to relate them back to your major.

Alyssa James

Major: Kinesiology
Year: Senior
Email: ajames@iastate.edu
Hometown: Brooklyn, IA
Favorite place on campus: Central Campus
Best thing about honors: There are so many great things about being in honors! First of all, I have met and made so many friends that continue to help push me to be my best. A few I have met my sophomore year and I am still friends with them as a senior! Honors has also provided me with the opportunity to conduct my own research experiment and has allowed me to take classes about things that I am interested in, even if they do not fall into the same category as my major. Although these are only a few of my favorite things, my college experience would be very different, had I not joined the honors program my freshman year!

Natalie Nelson

Major: Kinesiology
Year: Senior
Email: nnelson6@iastate.edu
Hometown: Johnston, IA
Favorite place on campus: Lagomarcino Courtyard
Best thing about honors: Designing my capstone research project in the biomechanics laboratory has been one of my favorite experiences of my undergraduate experience as a whole. Being able to network and make relationships with professors and other faculty through my research has aided me tremendously in applying for PA school!

Edhil Ordonio

Major: Early Childhood Education
Year: Senior
Email: eordonio@iastate.edu
Hometown: Itogon, Benguet (Philippines)
Favorite place on campus: Child Development Laboratory School
Best thing about honors: Interacting with people of different and same minds, and engaging in meaningful discussions about various topics.

Hannah Zulk

Major: Kinesiology
Year: Senior
Email: hzulk@iastate.edu
Hometown: Spencer, Iowa
Favorite place on campus: Hilton Coliseum
Best thing about honors: Honors housing and being surrounded by people who want to help you succeed. The perk of registering for classes first is also really nice.