Graduating with honors

Students who graduate with honors in the College of Human Sciences are recognized at the college graduation ceremony. They wear white honors cords during that ceremony and can also wear them during the all-university graduation ceremony. In addition, a special notation is placed on the student's diploma and permanent record indicating he or she graduated from the honors program at Iowa State University.

Additional benefits

  • Leadership and involvement opportunities: Leadership opportunities include serving on the Honors Student Board, honors committees for individual colleges or the university, working with the Freshman Honors Program, Honors Ambassadors, and more.
  • Research opportunities: With a full-time staff member dedicated to student research and publication, the honors program community places high value on student research and can provide a support network to accomplish what you want. A number of grants are available through the honors program to help fund student research.
  • Strong community: In a large institution such as Iowa State, the honors program provides a small niche in which students can feel like they belong. Free events, both formal and informal and often sponsored by the Honors Student Board, help bring this community together.
  • Academic focus: Both students and staff value academic excellence and are supportive of that goal.
  • Support from full-time honors staff: Honors staff can help with applying for scholarships, course selection, guidance on honors projects, and more.
  • Planning for the future: Honors staff can help in planning out coursework at Iowa State to ensure you graduate when you want and you get the most out of your college experience.
  • Honors seminars: Laid back classes on interesting topics across all content areas are taught by professors who just want to teach about a specific topic. For descriptions of currently offered seminars, go to the honors seminar site.
  • Honors classes: These are university classes taught in a smaller setting by dedicated professors or by working one-on-one with a professor to add an honors component to a non-honors class.
  • Privileges: These include 24-hour access to the Jischke Honors Building (with computer lab), extended loan privileges at the Iowa State Library, and priority registration.