Honors program

The College of Human Sciences Honors Program helps high-ability students like you expand their potential while at Iowa State University. We offer educational and intellectual opportunities to work with faculty and staff members in your major in the classroom, in research, and in professional development.

The college-level program is affiliated with the University Honors Program.

Program overview

Incoming freshmen

Honors membership for incoming freshmen is by invitation only from Iowa State University Honors Program. See the ISU Honors site for eligibility. To continue with the program, you must state your intent with the College of Human Sciences Honors Program during the second semester of your freshman year.


If you have a GPA of 3.50 or higher (and weren't emailed your first semester) you may apply by filling out the University Honors Program Application. After being accepted by the ISU honors program, you are considered part of the College of Human Sciences Honors Program.