Online education awards and initiatives

Online Course Development Award

The College of Human Sciences (CHS) Online Course Development Award will support conversion of a current course to on-line delivery (or development of a new course). Faculty members are invited to submit proposals outlining plans to enhance CHS curricular offerings by conversion/development of an on-line course that will be available on a regular basis. The first offering of the newly developed on-line course should be scheduled within one year of program participation.

Each faculty member will work collaboratively with Online and Distance Learning (ODL) staff to plan the design and development of the courses. Faculty will be required to meet regularly with ODL staff during the development stage. Faculty will also provide enrollment details and feedback for at least the first three offerings of the course, and are expected to make course changes based on formative evaluations of the course.

Courses selected should align with the college’s key priorities:

  • Enhance CHS Core Learning Outcomes
  • Support CHS key initiatives
  • Recruit new or transfer students
  • Increase SCHs and tuition revenue for CHS
  • Reach underserved students by offering courses with broad appeal
  • Promote diversity and social responsibility

Complete details: Refer to the Online Course Development Award document (PDF) to see the details on priorities, participation options, eligibility, proposal process, and specific deadlines.


Course development awards are given as either:

  1. Course release for one semester (with department approval)
  2. Summer stipend for B-base faculty members not on summer contract.

Up to $6000 will be awarded to the department (Option 1) or the faculty member (Option 2). Some restrictions apply. Courses must be developed and offered within one year of the award, and offered at least three times.


Any faculty members in the College of Human Sciences (tenured, tenure-eligible, or term) may apply to participate. Faculty must work with their departmental curriculum committee and chair/director to identify courses appropriate for this award.


The proposal submission deadline is 9 a.m. on April 29, 2019. Awardees will be notified in May.

Other requirements

Recipients are expected to provide a report of enrollment/student credit hours for each offering (at least the first three offerings), and summarize how the course has met departmental and/or college efforts.


To apply for this award:

  1. Create a Word or PDF document including:
    1. Rationale for on-line delivery of your course
    2. How online delivery will enhance departmental efforts
    3. Your expected timeline for development
    4. Any other relevant information
  2. Go to this Smartsheet to upload your document and complete the application.

Online education initiatives

The College of Human Sciences (CHS) Online and Distance Learning (ODL) office has two exciting opportunities for faculty to help support professional development.

Two opportunities through Quality Matters

Quality Matters is an international organization of over 60,000 members that is recognized as a leader in quality assurance for the design of online education. The mission of QM is to promote and improve the quality of online education and student learning through the development of research-based best practices in online education, the use of peer review, and certification in online education. Iowa State University is an institutional member of QM.

Teaching Online Certificate

This is a series of seven workshops meant to enhance your knowledge and mastery of online teaching through the QM web site. Faculty can take the workshops at their convenience over a one-year period. Each workshop lasts 1 or 2 weeks and is totally online. The cost of each workshop ranges from $150-200, which will be covered by ODL.

Who is this appropriate for?

Faculty with any level of experience in online teaching, from novice to experienced.

Complete details: Refer to the Teaching Certificate document (PDF)

Professional Development: Peer Reviewer Training

This intensive program is for faculty who want to take their online teaching to a higher level, by supporting a path to becoming a certified Quality Matters Reviewer. The program is in four phases. The total value of the entire program is about $1600, which will be covered by ODL.

Phases must be completed in order. The whole program may take up to two years to complete.

When completed, you will be an official QM reviewer, will have one online course officially certified, and will have assisted two other courses in the college with informal evaluations.

Becoming a reviewer will allow you to earn $150 or more from QM for other course reviews.

Who is this appropriate for?

Faculty with more advanced experience in online teaching. Applicants must have taught at least one online, for-credit course within the last eighteen months.

Complete details: Refer to the Peer Reviewer Award document (PDF)


Any faculty members in the College of Human Sciences (tenured, tenure-eligible, or term) may apply for these awards.


These awards have rolling deadlines.