Heddleson Junior Faculty Grant

The Heddleson Junior Faculty Grant was established to ensure that new faculty are exposed to and incorporated into Extension and Outreach projects in Iowa counties targeted to families.


Approximately $3,600 is available each year. If the committee awards two grants in one year, the amount will be $1,800 each. Proposals will be funded for one year. However, a renewal request can be made for a second year of funding.

Award use: Funds may be used for travel, program development, implementation, evaluation, and/or community-based research.

Application timeline

  • Fall submission deadline: Oct. 15, 11:59 p.m.
  • Spring submission deadline: March 15, 11:59 p.m.
  • Review and notification will be completed by Oct. 15 if applying in the fall, and March 15 if applying in the spring.
  • Acceptance of the grant is required by Nov. 30., or April 31.
  • Non-funded proposals may be resubmitted with a separate sheet describing how proposal was changed to meet reviewers' comments.


Proposals are accepted from:

  • Junior faculty
  • Any CHS department
  • Those interested in collaborating or engaging with Human Sciences Extension and Outreach personnel on a new or ongoing project

Complete details: Refer to the Guidelines for Heddleson Junior Faculty Grant Proposals document (doc, pdf) to see complete details on this grant.

Submission requirements

Submit electronic copies of the following to the committee chair:

  • Proposal
  • Letter of support