Application for council membership

Regular members of Human Sciences Council are representatives from College of Human Sciences clubs. Each club chooses one member to serve on Council.

College of Human Sciences students can also apply to fill at-large member openings. At-large members are selected from submitted applications and a brief interview. Once a candidate is selected to be an at-large member, he or she can serve on Council until graduation or upon stepping down from the position.

To apply to be an at-large member, complete the At-Large Application form.

Applications deadlines are as follows:

  • For membership beginning the fall semester: 2nd Friday of fall semester
  • For membership beginning the spring semester: 2nd Friday of spring semester

Applicants will be notified via email following the submission of their application to set up a short 15 to 20 minute interview/information session.

Becoming an at-large member is a fantastic way for any Human Sciences student to be part of a leadership team! Without you - we wouldn’t be a thing.