Morgan Kierscht

Morgan Kierscht plans to teach family and consumer sciences at a high school or middle school after graduation. When she isn't studying, Morgan enjoys hanging out with friends.

Morgan Kierscht learns life skills, connects with community through FCCLA

All throughout high school, Morgan Kierscht loved participating in family and consumer sciences (FCS) classes — soon, she’ll be the one teaching them.

“I love FCS because I love how everything is changing all the time, and it gets me involved with the community,” Morgan said.

Morgan was involved with Family, Consumer and Career Leaders of America (FCCLA) in high school, and the club got her even more interested in what she could learn from family and consumer sciences. She eventually served as president of her school’s chapter.

Her favorite part of the club was developing relationships within her community while completing service projects. Some standout projects were creating and donating seat belt cushions for cancer patients with chemotherapy ports, and sewing pillows to donate to local hospital patients with breast cancer. 

“[Being a part of FCCLA] was a really good experience. I got to do a lot of service projects I really engaged with; it got me tied in with the community,” she said.

Now a sophomore at Iowa State University, Morgan is connecting her background with FCCLA to her studies in family and consumer sciences education and studies. She loves all facets of FCS, but she’s especially interested in food, nutrition, and child development topics. Her goal after graduation is to teach FCS to middle and high school students. 

“I want to become a teacher for high school and middle school because at that time, that’s when you need to start learning the important skills you’ll take with you throughout life,” Morgan said. “FCS helps develop those skills.”

Though she’s still in the early stages of her journey of becoming a teacher, Morgan’s experience in FCCLA has given her a jump-start in leadership, community service, and FCS skills.

“I’m excited to learn more about people and myself,” she said. “I’m excited to start my career, help children, and lead them in the right direction.”