Melanie Nesbitt

Melanie Nesbitt's dream job would be teaching middle school math in her hometown. Outside of class, Melanie enjoys coaching mock trial teams in her hometown, staying active in her home church, and creating artsy projects like canvases.

Melanie Nesbitt gives advice on not taking too much advice

“I know it sounds weird to be giving advice on how not to listen to all the advice, but it’s true,” Melanie said.

As a freshman, like most others, Melanie was constantly being given advice on how to succeed in college.

“This caused me to stress out about trying to fulfill too many expectations,” she said. “It took me about a year to realize that I needed to do what made me happy and there was not one right way to do college.”

Personally, Melanie struggled with being told to avoid visiting home. It’s common to hear that going home makes the transition to college harder, but for Melanie it was the exact opposite.

“I realized going home destressed and energized me to be my best self. Going home was an outlet for me. I know it’s not what some people need but for me it is.”

Whether it’s the confusion of changing majors or even figuring out how to use CyRide, Melanie has a passion for helping other students find their way through the crazy changes college brings, and for every person this journey is different.

“People can experience the same thing but actually experience them completely different,” she said.

When Melanie first came to campus she felt overwhelmed by the large amount of people and everything each person was telling her. But she quickly found her own tiny community within the 36,000 students.

“I thought I needed to go to everyone for advice, but I just needed one or two groups to navigate through my time here.”

Whether that group is friends, a club, learning community, or even faculty, Melanie encourages others to be patient and really try to experience new things until the right fit comes along.

“It takes time,” Melanie said. “It’s overwhelming to try to find these groups, but eventually you will find home on campus.”

While finding home, Melanie says college also makes students find themselves. College teaches people who they are and what’s best for them personally.

“I always say there’s not one right way to do it,” Melanie said. “There are so many ways to succeed and you just have to find what’s best for you.”