Hardeep K. Obhi

Hardeep Obhi hopes to work as a researcher who studies healthy aging after she graduates. For now, Hardeep spends her free time with family and friends, watching TV and movies, or learning about other cultures.

Hardeep K. Obhi keeps her future career options open

Compared to Hardeep’s specific focus on her research, her classes tend to emphasize research methods and writing. She knows having a well-rounded education will help her prepare for a variety of careers in research.

Her research efforts primarily focus on investigating aspects of healthy aging, specifically, cognition and dementia.

“In addition to capitalizing on interdisciplinary methods and longitudinal techniques, my research endeavors are methodologically diverse and theoretically grounded,” said Hardeep.

She knows she wants to work as a researcher who studies the older adult population, whether that be in the academy, in the private sector, or in another outlet.

“I’m doing what I can right now to best prepare myself for what might come my way in the future,” she said. “I don’t want to limit myself by saying I want to work at a particular school. There are a variety of possibilities that I am interested in exploring, and I think that limiting myself is a disservice.”

Taking advantage of all her options while at Iowa State is important to Hardeep, whether that be her research or her past internship with the American Psychological Association. Hardeep assures other students they can keep their future goals wide open, particularly if they are not looking for an exact job title in a specific setting.

“Explore your possibilities,” she said. “Take advantage of summers. Do rotations, internships, volunteer, be a teaching or research assistant. There are lots of ways to get to a goal.”