Hardeep K. Obhi

Hardeep K. Obhi wants to work as a researcher. When she isn’t studying she enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching movies, and learning about other cultures.

Hardeep finds enjoyment through research

Hardeep came to Ames to obtain her Ph.D. in gerontology. Originally from California, moving to the Midwest was an experience. However, when she found a professor whose research lined up with her interests, she headed to Ames without question.

From studying cognition, happiness, life satisfaction and ethnic identity of the elderly to examining undergraduate students’ attitudes toward older adults, Hardeep enjoys researching older generations.

Through her program Hardeep received a special opportunity to help out an undergraduate student with her own research on child/parent relationships. The two worked together to formulate the study including creating questions, drawing analyses, completing the write-up, and going through the submission process.

“It was really cool to see her present her findings professionally,” Hardeep said. “It was hard to step back and let her try things for herself, but the experience was very rewarding.”

Although she enjoyed helping her student navigate the research process, Hardeep said she doesn’t necessarily see herself becoming a teacher. Instead, she wants to focus on conducting research herself.

“I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up,” she said. “Teaching is a possibility, but I really enjoy researching.”

She may not know exactly how she wants to pursue a research-related career, but Hardeep isn’t worried. She feels with a little time and investigation she can figure it out, and so can other students.

“You have to take time to find your interests,” she said. “You’re supposed to become an expert by the time you graduate, and that’s the step I’m working on right now—figuring out what I want to be an expert in.”