Faith Anton

Faith Anton plans to become a physician assistant after graduation. When she isn't busy studying, Faith enjoys reading, drawing, and being active outdoors. 

Personal research sparks Faith Anton's interest in becoming physician assistant

Faith Anton has held a keen interest for diet, exercise, and health since she was in middle school. She often did personal research during her spare time, and she realized that her interests could help others become more aware of their own health.

“Ultimately, I realized that I wanted to use characteristics about myself to pursue a career in which I would always be learning and help others learn about their own health,” Faith said.

Through this discovery, Faith decided that she would like to become a physician assistant, helping others maintain their health, both physically and mentally.

“I would love to be able to take a more holistic and person-centered approach at treating medical issues that focuses on diet, physical activity, and the individual patient, when appropriate,” she said.

Faith took her future into her own hands by job shadowing physicians at the University of Iowa during high school. Gaining real-life experience strengthened her will to become a physician assistant. She said her favorite part of the experience was being able to see physicians go about their day, and observe the reality of the job.

Faith has found a balance of preparing for her future and living in the moment at Iowa State University. She manages this by conducting research for the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, while networking, maintaining her grades, and staying active on campus. She credits her participation in the Honors Program for the encouragement and community she needed to go above and beyond in all things she does.

“Surround yourself with people whom not only support you, but also inspire you and challenge you to be your best and to get out of your comfort zone,” Faith said. “Achieving excellent grades is important, but don’t underestimate the power of getting involved and connecting with peers and professional in your field of interest.”