Amanda Bries

Amanda Bries plans to do clinical research at a teaching hospital and eventually complete her doctorate. When she isn't studying, she enjoys staying active by training for races, practicing piano, and wood burning.

Amanda Bries finds motivation through research

As the fifth child of five in her family to graduate from Iowa State University (ISU), Amanda already knew at that moment she would continue on to graduate school at her second home, ISU.

Amanda takes pride in the opportunity and potential she has in pursuing her research at Iowa State during her undergraduate and graduate experience. Currently, most of her time is spent working on her master’s research project.

“I really like the challenge of my master’s project which focuses on iron absorption,” she said.

According to Amanda, the graduate program offers a lot of independence throughout her research which makes it easy to add in her own ideas. Altogether, Amanda said she has assisted in roughly six different studies. Research is what drives her to continue in her education.

“I knew I wanted to be a Registered Dietitian in high school, but I would say my aha moment to continue on to graduate school was after working in the lab for about a year and a half,” said Amanda “I never got tired of it. Albeit, frustrating at times, I absolutely love the knowledge I gain every day.”

Amanda said she has a lot more exploring to do since nutrition is a field which is always expanding and demands strong research. This never-ending area of study expands her opportunities along the way.

“The more involved I became in college, the more it required me to interact and communicate effectively with others,” said Amanda. “Participating in research and attending conferences has prepared me the most by training myself to ask more thought-provoking questions and gaining more professional opportunities.”

She has also gained the experience of teaching other students through her research which she values greatly.

“I enjoy witnessing other student’s successes, so I hope to mentor more students in the lab and provide them opportunities to learn more about research and nutritional biochemistry, in general,” she said.

Amanda wants to encourage other students to continue getting involved in research and never stop asking questions.

“There are a lot of different clubs [and groups] on campus including WISE, iResearch, and Science Bound which are helpful to get involved in research,” she said. “I think just reaching out to people around campus, especially professors gets you involved a lot sooner.”