Human scientists celebrate passion for helping people

A weeklong celebration of the College of Human Sciences will this year showcase how the college’s people and programs are joined by a common bond of helping others.

Doran to help colleges better serve growing Latino population

As Iowa continues to experience tremendous growth in its Latino population, Erin Doran will be at the forefront of helping colleges to better serve these students — and ensuring that they succeed.

Central Iowa literacy program for babies expands this fall

An Iowa State University outreach project aimed at improving literacy among Iowa’s youngest at-risk children is expanding this fall.

Teaching social studies in culturally relevant ways

Growing up in Texas, Noreen Naseem Rodriguez wondered why there weren’t people like her in school textbooks.

“I went through 20 years of schooling and I never learned about the history of Asians in America,” said Rodriguez, who is half-Pakistani and half-Filipina — or what she affectionately calls Pakipina. “Even though it’s my racial background, because I never learned about it in school, I never had access to it.”

Rodriguez aims to change that for other students of color. This fall, she joins the Iowa State University School of Education as an assistant professor in elementary social studies education.

STEM-Lit program encourages play to teach K-3 students about science and reading

STEM-Lit to Go!, a program developed by School of Education postdoctoral research associate Sara Nelson, teaches young children about science, math, technology, engineering and literature through play. Iowa State University and 4-H Clover Kids are piloting the program this summer. It's designed for students in kindergarten through third grade and judging from their response, it's a hit.

Research finds that all teachers bring politics to the classroom

How a teacher teaches is never neutral or apolitical. Instead, educators bring their social and cultural identities into their classrooms — making it important to consider how those lessons and choices are received by students from marginalized groups.

Students travel to China as college grows international presence

Iowa State University is growing its presence in China and sparking new relations with India.

New Iowa State STEM camp aims to excite children about learning

Fifty-two incoming fifth- and sixth-graders will next week engage in hands-on experiences in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at the first-ever STEM InCYte Camp at Iowa State University.

Read outside the box to keep students learning during summer months, says ISU professor

It was not unusual for Emily Hayden to spend the first three or four weeks of a new school year re-acquainting her students with material they had learned the previous year. That’s typically how long it would take to overcome the learning students lost during three months of summer vacation.

Renovated labs provide researchers with critical space for advancements

State-of-the-art facilities are key to Iowa State staying on the cutting edge of changing national trends that require the integration of research, technology, and hands-on experiences.