Brenda Lohman named associate dean for research and graduate education in Iowa State University College of Human Sciences

Brenda Lohman, professor and director of graduate education in the Iowa State University Department of Human Development and Family Studies, will serve as the associate dean for research and graduate education in Iowa State’s College of Human Sciences, effective Oct. 1.

Human scientists celebrate passion for helping people

A weeklong celebration of the College of Human Sciences will this year showcase how the college’s people and programs are joined by a common bond of helping others.

Iowa State professor on team using big data to aid rural economic development

An Iowa State University professor is on a team of researchers using “big data,” or extremely large data sets, to match rural communities with businesses that would have the best likelihood of success in specific geographic areas.

Doran to help colleges better serve growing Latino population

As Iowa continues to experience tremendous growth in its Latino population, Erin Doran will be at the forefront of helping colleges to better serve these students — and ensuring that they succeed.

Central Iowa literacy program for babies expands this fall

An Iowa State University outreach project aimed at improving literacy among Iowa’s youngest at-risk children is expanding this fall.

New hire in kinesiology enhances Iowa State’s relationship with Des Moines University

After several years of collaborating with Iowa State University, Jim Lang officially joins the faculty here this fall with a speciality in exercise physiology — or understanding the mechanics behind how the body responds to movement.

Human scientists on cutting edge of big data research

Human scientists at Iowa State University are at the forefront of exploring "big data," turning vast amounts of data into usable knowledge with real-world implications for children and families.

Brain research aims to reduce effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

From music therapy to better nutrition and exercise, College of Human Sciences researchers are providing expertise in Iowa State University’s revolutionary brain initiative aimed at reducing effects of debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Teaching social studies in culturally relevant ways

Growing up in Texas, Noreen Naseem Rodriguez wondered why there weren’t people like her in school textbooks.

“I went through 20 years of schooling and I never learned about the history of Asians in America,” said Rodriguez, who is half-Pakistani and half-Filipina — or what she affectionately calls Pakipina. “Even though it’s my racial background, because I never learned about it in school, I never had access to it.”

Rodriguez aims to change that for other students of color. This fall, she joins the Iowa State University School of Education as an assistant professor in elementary social studies education.

Students pair with professors to research food safety, food security, childhood obesity

An eight-week program this summer paired undergraduate students with Iowa State professors in food science and human nutrition to conduct research related to food safety, food security, and childhood obesity. The Cyclone Scholar Summer Research Program, directed by assistant professor Shannon Coleman, is open to any college-aged student interested in the area of food science and human nutrition. This year’s program attracted students from as far away as New York, Arizona, and Georgia.