Branching out as a registered dietitian nutritionist

College of Human Sciences graduate Kara Hoerr (’10 B.S. dietetics, ’12 M.S. nutritional science) has embarked on the adventure of starting her own business.

Launched in February, Kara Hoerr Nutrition was created to lead families to healthy eating habits that won't leave them feeling deprived. Hoerr started her business focusing on two goals: 

  1. Helping families raise their children to be adventurous and intuitive eaters, and
  2. Helping individuals who have been dieting for years gain a healthy relationship with food.

As a nutritional coach, Hoerr guides her clients in selecting food that not only tastes great, but also makes them feel good. This does not mean she tells clients to eat all the donuts and cookies they want while skipping fruits and vegetables, but rather encourages them to be more mindful of their food selections.

“I genuinely care about my clients and want to give them the best information and advice I can,” Hoerr said.

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