Human Sciences Week 2017 will be held Oct. 2 to 6 at Iowa State University. The week celebrates the dedication of College of Human Sciences students, faculty, and staff to improving people’s lives. Photos by Ryan Riley.

Human scientists celebrate passion for helping people

A weeklong celebration of the College of Human Sciences will this year showcase how the college’s people and programs are joined by a common bond of helping others.

“Our theme is The Golden Touch," said Emily Qualizza, a sophomore in pre-dietetics and culinary food science. "All majors place a huge importance on people — touching someone’s life."

Human Sciences Week 2017 will be held Oct. 2 to 6 on the campus of Iowa State University. The week will feature about two dozen academic, social, and philanthropic events aimed at celebrating human scientists’ dedication to improving people’s lives in the areas of health and wellness, education and human development, science and technology, and community and entrepreneurship.

“We welcome all students, faculty, and staff to participate in this week celebrating our combined efforts to expand human potential and improve people’s lives through our teaching and learning, research, outreach, and hands-on experiences,” said Laura Dunn Jolly, dean and Dean’s Chair of the College of Human Sciences.

Purchase of a $5 button will provide access to an assortment of food throughout the week including fare from Grandpa Noodle Gallery, Hickory Park, and Jeff's Pizza Shop. Twenty percent of proceeds from the buttons will benefit United Way of Story County.  

Cherry pie content photo
AESHM cherry pie sales

The week will feature a sale of AESHM cherry pies, an expanded four-part Culinary Boot Camp, and a philanthropic "pizza and packing" event that partners with Starts With Soap and ISU 4U Promise to pack school supplies for teachers at King and Moulton elementary schools in Des Moines. Free pizza will be served to those who participate.    

Students can also take part in several learning opportunities. The lunch and learn series will provide a chance to network over lunch on Monday and Thursday while learning about different areas of human sciences — including neuroscience on human health, living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, studying abroad, ExerCYse is Medicine, event management, TREND styling, and LGBTQA+ communication. Amy Michelle Willcockson, director of Living Healthy Iowa, will speak before two Healthiest State walks at lunchtime Wednesday.

Student-led event

This is the third year that the College of Human Sciences is hosting the weeklong celebration. But it’s the first year that Human Sciences Week is being organized and led by the HS Week Student Leadership Team, a registered student organization through the Student Activities Center.

Student Leadership Team content photo
HS Week Student Leadership Team

Seven students — co-chairs Jenna Petersen and Zoey Sternquist, communications chair Emily Qualizza, fiscal director Marissa Carlson, HS Council liaison Toluwani Awokoya, operations chair Colleen Humble, and event chair Kelsey Warfield — form the event’s Student Leadership Team and are aiming to put their imprint on the college’s special tradition.

“Human Sciences Week 2017 will create great memories of our time in the College of Human Sciences,” the students said. “We have big dreams to make this week unforgettable.”

Members of the Student Leadership Team will wear gray vests during Human Sciences Week to be more easily identifiable. They’ll sell College of Human Sciences merchandise including crew neck sweatshirts, ball caps, and laptop stickers. 

“How exciting it is to come to a college that is celebrated,” Qualizza said. “We’re getting people more spirited about the week.”

Culinary Boot Camp

Back by popular demand, Culinary Boot Camp — a class where participants can enhance their cooking skills in a fun environment and enjoy delicious food — will expand this year from one event to four.

Culinary Boot Camp content photo
Culinary Boot Camp

Culinary Boot Camp will kick off the Monday of Human Sciences Week, and will continue the next three Mondays in October.

Participants will meet in MacKay Hall to make and enjoy a variety of food ranging from fruit and vegetable salsas with homemade tortilla chips, to egg omelets and grilled cheeses. Participants will also have a chili cook-off and take a grocery store tour where they will receive tips on grocery shopping.

All Iowa State students are welcome to attend. The class is limited to 50 participants. 

Registration is $15 but those attending all four sessions will receive a $15 Hy-Vee gift card at the end.

Two College of Human Sciences alumni — ISU Dining executive chef Scott Bruhn and registered dietitian Lisa Nolting — will once again take a lead role at this year’s event. Jessica Young, a graduate student in food science and human nutrition, is working with Stephanie Downs, Iowa State’s wellness coordinator, to host another Culinary Boot Camp for faculty and staff in the spring.

New and returning events

Dean Welcome content photo
Dean Laura Dunn Jolly

A special Human Sciences Week celebration will be held Thursday, Oct. 5 at the Brunnier Art Museum. It will provide a chance to network with both current students and alumni, and to meet Laura Dunn Jolly, dean and Dean’s Chair of the College of Human Sciences.

The event will provide a chance to view “Faces of Iowa State” portraits of College of Human Sciences alumni Larry Ebbers, Evan Fritz, Mary Giese, Monica Lursen, Dynette Mosher, Shirley Stakey, and JaneAnn Stout.  

The week will also feature a showing of the movie “Wonder Woman” on Central Campus, a student wellness gazebo, S.H.O.P. Hunger Games where donated canned goods will be used to create a can sculpture, and a CHS Council Bags Tournament featuring the bag-tossing game of cornhole.

Liquid nitrogen content photo
Liquid nitrogen ice cream demonstration

Other returning events include a research symposium for students and faculty to share their current research, Pie in the Face featuring Student Sensations, a tailgate-themed Food and Fun Fest, liquid nitrogen ice cream demonstration, and study abroad fair.

See the Human Sciences Week website for a full listing of events. Click here to register for events and purchase merchandise.