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Iowa State grad discovers her passion for fashion

Iowa State grad discovers her passion for fashion , 00:02:54

Andrea Tate was always crafty, but it wasn't until high school that she developed her love for fashion. When she got to Iowa State, she was encouraged not to wait to pursue her dreams. So when she was just a sophomore, Tate started her own clothing company that focused on redesigning old, worn clothing. And now that she's graduating, Tate hopes to grow her business and continue doing what she loves.

Curtain Call

Curtain Call, 00:02:27

The iconic curtain at Stephens Auditorium is taken down for the first time in nearly 50 years. For over nine months, conservationists have meticulously cleaned and restored the 2800 pound work of art. As the project nears completion, workers do something that's never been done before: take the curtain down.

A look at my adventure - Caine Westergard

A look at my adventure - Caine Westergard, 00:03:21

Senior Caine Westergard shares her experiences in the Greek community, creating a clothing label for the Omaha Fashion show, and growing as a person during her time at Iowa State.

Fashion Show Video

Fashion Show Video , 00:03:01 put together this video of The Fashion Show 2013

Fashion Show Slide Show

Fashion Show Slide Show, 00:00:00

The Fashion Show 2013 at Iowa State University, “Ominous Beauty,” featured 100 student designs on the runway and another 90 fashion illustrations and garments on display April 13 at C.Y. Stephens Auditorium. Photos by Wyeth Lynch.

10th annual Entrepreneurship Showcase

10th annual Entrepreneurship Showcase, 00:00:00

Watch a slide show of photos from the 10th annual Entrepreneurship Showcase held May 2, 2013. Photos by Wyeth Lynch.

Choose the Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Program at Iowa State

Choose the Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Program at Iowa State, 00:04:16

This video outlines reasons that potential students should choose the Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Program at Iowa State University

Treasures of the Textiles and Clothing Museum

Treasures of the Textiles and Clothing Museum, 03:31

Treasures of the Textiles and Clothing Museum opens Jan. 28 at the Mary Alice Gallery, 1015 Morrill Hall, and runs through April 21. The exhibit highlights key objects in the Textiles and Clothing Museum's historic and ethnographic collection. The accompanying exhibit catalog is available for $12 from the Iowa State University Book Store and 31 MacKay Hall. The opening reception is 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 3 in the Mary Alice Gallery. For more information, contact Sara Marcketti, phone 515-294-7474, email

Elizabeth Cuéllar’s Mexico: Textile Variations, 1955-1985

Elizabeth Cuéllar’s Mexico: Textile Variations, 1955-1985, 00:08:12

The Cuéllar Collection was donated to the Textiles and Clothing Museum in 2011 by Elizabeth Snoddy Cuéllar, an Iowa State alumna. The collection includes over 300 objects and features textiles, men’s and women’s garments from many of these indigenous populations.

Tyler Kai - Intern At Iowa State Athletics

Tyler Kai - Intern At Iowa State Athletics, 00:02:22

Tyler Kai’s job requires him to think on his toes. The event management major says part of an event coordinator’s job is bringing organization to chaos. In his internship with Iowa State Athletics, Kai acts as a liaison to visiting teams and referees. He helps set up press conferences and team meetings – and resolves unforeseen “hiccups” that pop up during athletic events. Every game brings new and exciting challenges that better prepare Kai for his future as an athletic events coordinator.

Chip Langlois - Intern for the Disney Internship Program

Chip Langlois - Intern for the Disney Internship Program, 00:02:17

Sometimes, dreams really do come true. At the age of 5, Chip Langlois knew he wanted to work for Disney. After being accepted into the international Disney internship program, Chip began working as a bell services dispatcher and luggage coordinator. His leadership skills and degree in Hospitality Management helped him land a full time position with the “happiest place on earth.”

Humanizing Science with Cheryl Farr

Humanizing Science with Cheryl Farr, 00:02:39

Cheryl Farr's work saves people's lives. She has served on design teams that created and tested military functional apparel and emergency protective gear. As the Noma Scott Lloyd Chair in Textiles and Clothing at Iowa State University, Farr is equipping a product development and testing lab at Iowa State to advance functional design research. This video was produced by the Iowa State University Foundation.

Wedding in the Heartland

Wedding in the Heartland, 00:03:11

The "Wedding in the Heartland" exhibit in the Mary Alice Gallery at the Textiles and Clothing Museum on Iowa State's campus features 19 wedding garments with unique ties to the university and state of Iowa.

getACTIVE: Veishea Cherry Pies

getACTIVE: Veishea Cherry Pies, 00:02:56

Cherry pies are one of Iowa State University’s most well-known traditions. From the flakey crust to the perfect dollop of whipped cream, people young and old have come to love the personal-sized pies sold during the annual VEISHEA celebration. Go behind the scenes with students on the Cherry Pie Committee and learn just what it takes to assemble more than 12,000 of these tasty treats.

Danielle Gilbert - Intern at Polo Ralph Lauren

Danielle Gilbert - Intern at Polo Ralph Lauren , 00:01:48

For Danielle Gilbert, a senior apparel, merchandising, and design major, the opportunity to intern with Polo Ralph Lauren in New York City meant that she was able to combine her interests in apparel and human resources. As a talent acquisition intern, she learned what it takes to sit on the other side of the interview table and pick the right candidate for the right job - contributing to a successful team for the company.

Jordain Skarphol - Intern at Ames Main Street Cultural District

Jordain Skarphol - Intern at Ames Main Street Cultural District, 00:02:49

Jordain Skarphol didn't let a little rain stop her parade. As an intern for the Ames Main Street Cultural District, Skarphol was in charge of planning the 4th of July parade, and even though the weather didn't cooperate, she used her knowledge in event management and hospitality management to pull off a great celebration.

Kayla Simpson - Intern at Southern Hills Country Club

Kayla Simpson - Intern at Southern Hills Country Club, 00:02:11

Hospitality management student Kayla Simpson used a summer internship with Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma to discover her strengths and interests within the area of club hospitality. Three months and many on-the-job experiences later, Kayla returned to campus, ready to finish out her senior year and step into a professional role in hospitality management.

Anna Harmon - Intern at Vineyard Vines

Anna Harmon - Intern at Vineyard Vines, 00:02:37

As the winner of the $12,000 national Steamboat Foundation Scholarship and internship, Anna Harmon worked with designers at the headquarters of the preppy clothing label, Vineyard Vines, in Stamford, Connecticut. She says the internship helped her learn to apply what she’s learned at Iowa State to excel in the rocket-paced world of fashion.

Brandt Schumacher - Intern at Delta Galil

Brandt Schumacher - Intern at Delta Galil, 00:02:22

In his internship with Delta Galil in New Jersey, Brandt Schumacher found himself spanning the spectrum from concept to new products. He conducted print and color research, sample-making, sample editing through running fit and quality tests and coordinating packaging and marketing.

Jamie Torgrimson - Intern at at Ralph Lauren Black Label

Jamie Torgrimson - Intern at at Ralph Lauren Black Label, 00:02:12

Whether making patterns for a high-end ready-to-wear collection or styling a new children's line, Jamie Torgrimson realized that her preparation in apparel, merchandising, and design at Iowa State made it possible for her to work creatively and figure things out on the fly. She learned that she really was ready for her internship in Manhattan, New York, working with the designers for the high-end Women's Black Label Ralph Lauren collection.

Jaclyn Wernimont and Colleen Pokorny - Intern at Lands End

Jaclyn Wernimont and Colleen Pokorny - Intern at Lands End, 00:02:39

Apparel, merchandising, and design majors Jaclyn Wernimont and Colleen Pokorny went into their internship at Lands' End confident with the skills and knowledge they gained while studying at Iowa State University. The two seniors were able to add expertise in the areas of product development and merchandising after their summer experience.

Julianne Taylor

Julianne Taylor, 00:02:17

Happiness comes in all forms. Julianne Taylor, a senior in hospitality management with a minor in gerontology, found happiness in the bonds she has formed as an assistant activities aide for a local retirement community. Working towards her dream job, she has discovered that inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Alissa Knutson - Intern at Women

Alissa Knutson - Intern at Women, 00:02:39

She's styled country music star Carrie Underwood and sat with the VIPs at New York Fashion Week. Alissa Knutson, a senior in apparel, merchandising, and design maximized her time -- and learning experiences -- as an fashion intern for Women's Health magazine. The long days and countless hours spent in the fashion closet paid off, as she now looks to a bright future in the textiles industry.

Kim Anderson - Intern at Target

Kim Anderson - Intern at Target, 00:02:37

From an early age, Kim Anderson knew she wanted to work in apparel merchandising. Fast forward to 2010, and this young fashionista is well on her way to blossoming career with one of the foremost companies in America. Anderson, a 2010 graduate in apparel, merchandising, and design, will work for Target Corp. as a merchandising business analyst. This career opportunity comes on the heels of a standout internship with Target, where she was one of a handful of interns selected to assist with a major brand and visual overhaul. Kim Anderson is a human scientist, working in the field of apparel merchandising and improving people's lives.

Humanizing Science with Sara Marcketti

Humanizing Science with Sara Marcketti, 00:01:37

From the buttons on your shirt, to the length of your pants, clothing has a deep-rooted history within our culture. Sara Marcketti, assistant professor in apparel, educational studies, and hospitality management is bringing historical clothing analysis to life in her classroom. She is humanizing science through hands-on, exploratory learning opportunities for young fashionistas at Iowa State University.

Entrepreneurship Showcase

Entrepreneurship Showcase, 00:03:40

The College of Human Sciences at Iowa State University offers numerous opportunities for students to develop their entrepreneurship skills. Students can take courses and complete internships where they can get hands-on experience. One of the major capstone experiences is the annual entrepreneurship showcase, which is a culmination of the Entrepreneurship in Human Sciences class offered in apparel, events, and hospitality management.

Sara Peiper

Sara Peiper, 00:01:35

Creativity abounds in Sara Peiper's sewing studio. This apparel, merchandising, design, and production student has been putting the needle to the thread for years, constructing a variety of different garments, including a straight jacket. Her classes in the apparel, educational studies, and hospitality management department allow her to express her inner artist, while also honing her technical skills in patternmaking and sewing. It's a path of study that Sara simply describes as "fun."

Humanizing Science with Elena Karpova

Humanizing Science with Elena Karpova, 00:01:58

Elena Karpova, assistant professor in apparel, educational studies, and hospitality management, is known campus-wide for infusing creativity into everyday classes and lectures.

Iowa State University Hospitality Management Program

Iowa State University Hospitality Management Program, 00:02:17

Whether testing food temp or preparing a meal for service, students in the hospitality management program get all the tools they need to find career success after college.

Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Apparel, Merchandising, and Design, 00:03:17

If fit, fashion, and function excite you, check out apparel, merchandising, and design program. Study the science and art of textiles and clothing. Explore market trends, style, and technical design. Examine mass production, sourcing, and problem-solving. Get savvy to consumer behavior, merchandising, and international trade. Whether you aspire to work in one of the world's hottest fashion houses or make firefighter gear more protective, you will find great company here.

Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management

Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management, 00:01:35

A career in the hospitality industry can take you all over the world, working at some of the finest resorts, planning elegant weddings, and helping people creating lasting memories of vacations, special events, and fine dining experiences. The Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management degree at Iowa State University is your ticket into a growing, worldwide industry. From restaurant management to event planning, our graduates are hard at work creating memorable experiences for others.