Request a tutor

Every student needs a little extra help now and then. If you feel you may be in over your head, talk to your instructor. You can visit with him or her just before class starts, right after class, or during office hours. You can also use your fellow classmates as a resource.

If you would like additional help, subsidized tutoring is available for African American, Latino American, Asian American, American Indian, and multiracial students at Iowa State University during the fall and spring semester.

Request a tutor

Follow these steps to request a tutor:

  1. Visit the application website.
  2. Click Edit and fill in your contact information.
  3. Click Edit next to Funding.
  4. Select Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) from the drop down box.
  5. Click Edit next to Courses and check mark the course you need a tutor for.
  6. Click Edit next to Schedule and select all available times by left-clicking the mouse
  7. Click Review your Application for Submitting.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Check in your inbox to make sure you receive a confirmation from the Academic Success Center of your application.
  10. Stop in to 2080 Student Services Building to talk to an MSA staff member to get your funding approved.

If you need a tutor during the summer term, please contact your MLO in the College of Human Sciences.

Other resources

Many academic resources are available through the Academic Success Center.