Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is designed to provide independent feedback on the planned activities and project management.  Members were chosen with attention to the particular context of this research.

Nathan Brockman
Curator, Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing at Reiman Gardens in Ames 
Nathan has rich experiences to share in outreach and education in entomology, including development and delivery of tailored and accessible entomology education for diverse audiences.

Greg Courtney
Professor-in-Charge, Iowa State Entomology Insect Zoo and Insect Museum
Greg is an expert in the biology, conservation, and evolution of flies, including mosquitoes.

Janet Hecsh 
Interim Associate Dean of Faculty, College of Business Administration at Sacramento State University
Janet is an expert progressive-oriented teacher and teacher educator and experienced in university-school-community partnerships for school reform.

Alberto Rodriguez 
Mary Endres Professor in Elementary Education and Professor of Science Education, Purdue University
Alberto is an accomplished researcher of interdisciplinary and transformative approaches to science and science education.

Jesse Bazzul
Assistant Professor on the Faculty of Education, University of Regina
Jesse is emerging as a leading thinker on critical science and society themes.