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  • Urban Ecosystems project furthers science education, October 8, 2018. Read article.
  • From Des Moines to Ames: ISU 4U students start first year at college, August 30, 2018. Read article.
  • ISU 4U Promise Program Keeps Its Promise to Students, August 6, 2018. Read article.
  • Moulton GRIT Sets Its Sights on Iowa State University, May 31, 2018. Read article.
  • ISU's "Principal" Renews Promise to King, Moulton, May 10, 2018. Read article.
  • College of Human Sciences to recognize graduating seniors at spring convocation, April 30, 2018. Read article.
  • ISU 4U brings high schoolers from Des Moines to Ames, March 27, 2018. Read article.
  • First ISU 4U cohort applying for fall 2018 admission, January 8, 2018. Read article.
  • First ISU 4U cohort applying for fall 2018 admission. Read article.


  • ISU 4U Promise makes college a reality for Des Moines students, January 23, 2017. Read article. 


  • Young scientists head to Mosquito Camp, July 27, 2016. Read article.
  • Moulton's struggles reflect Iowa's minority learning gaps, May 16, 2016. Read article.
  • King, Moulton 5th Graders are ISU 4U Promise “Shining Stars,” February 2, 2016. Read article. 
  • ISU 4U Promise hosts mini-conference, January 25, 2016. Read article. 


  • ISU researchers aim to boost science education with summertime pest, August 11, 2015. Read article.
  • ISU 4U Promise students to attend DAVinCI Flight Camp, August 3, 2015. Read article. 
  • More than a promise: ISU 4U aims to offer more than financial assistance, April 6, 2015. Read article.
  • Leath signs promise agreement with Des Moines school district, January 15, 2015. Read article. 
  • Elementary students promised place at ISU, January 13, 2015. Read article.
  • Iowa State expands college opportunity through ISU 4U Promise, January 8, 2015. Read article.


  • ISU volunteers help with Moulton Elementary service project, January 17, 2014. Read article.


  • New Iowa State partnership with King, Moulton seen as two-way street, March 4, 2013. Read article.
  • Leath urges students to seize college opportunity, January 31, 2013. Read article.


  • ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) ISU 4U: They kept their promise and stayed in Iowa State University is keeping its promise to them. August 18, 2018. Watch here.
  • "Why I Teach," Video from ISU's School of Education featuring Cassidy Bilharz from Urban Ecosystem Project, May 4, 2018. Watch here.
  • Mosquitoes & Me 2018 Summer Camp Recruitment Video. Watch here.
  • ISU 4U Promise Mosquitoes and Me summer camp, July 27, 2016. Watch video.
  • ISU 4U Promise Informational Meeting, January 15, 2016. Watch video.
  • ISU 4U Promise students attend DAVinCI Flight Camp, August 12, 2015. Watch video.
  • Two current ISU students originally from Des Moines schools encourage Moulton Extended Learning Center and King Elementary students to seize the opportunities the ISU 4U Promise program provides. February 13, 2015. Watch video.
  • The ISU 4U Promise gives some elementary students a chance to earn free tuition at Iowa State, January 13, 2015. Watch video.
  • Iowa State University teacher education students share lessons learned at King and Moulton. January 7, 2015. Watch video.
  • Des Moines Public Schools Celebrate Martin Luther King Day, January 2014. View video.
  • One year anniversary of ISU, Moulton and King partnership, January 22, 2014. View video.
  • New Iowa State partnership promises opportunity for Des Moines students, January 31, 2013. View video.


  • Part 1 - Leading Equity with Sheldon Eakins - Podcast interview with Dr. Katherine Richardson Bruna (Founding Director/Professor In Charge, ISU 4U Promise), Kisha Barnes (Principal, King Elementary), and Brent Osborne (Community Site Coordinator, Moulton Elementary). Listen here.

    Part 2 - Leading Equity with Sheldon Eakins - Podcast interview with Eddie McCulley (Principal, Moulton Elementary), Hannah Olson (Community Alliance member), Luis Orellana (Parent of three ISU 4U Promise students), and Shari Miller (Program Coordinator, ISU 4U Promise). Listen here.

  • Students Take Flight at Summer Camp - All Things Considered, IPR, August 7, 2015. Listen here.