Getting involved


The ISU 4U Promise partnership provides many opportunities for research. If you have an interest in doing research with our students or families, or partner schools or community organizations, please read the Orientation to Research (PDF) and submit the Expression of Interest Form (PDF) to Katherine Richardson Bruna, Director of the ISU 4U Promise.


In a typical NON-Covid-19 school year, the ISU 4U Promise has a need for student, staff, and faculty volunteers to represent Iowa State University to our students and their families at various on and off campus events. Due to precautions being taken during the 2020-2021 school year, volunteering will no longer be in person, at least through 1st semester. However, we are still looking for volunteers who may be willing to participate in virtual or video recorded ways. If interested in hearing more about connecting with K-5 classrooms at King or Moulton elementary school in this way, please contact Shari Miller, Program Specialist, at, and she will be happy to discuss possibilities aligned with your interests and schedule.


King, Moulton and community educators may request that ISU 4U Promise staff provide programming to ISU 4U Promise students. These educational programs may be hosted by ISU 4U Promise staff or other ISU-affiliated groups and may take place either in the King and Moulton neighborhood or on the ISU campus. Educators interested in coordinating with the ISU 4U Promise office should direct their requests with adequate advance notice to Shari Miller, Program Coordinator, and she will try to accommodate these programming requests to the best of her ability and availability.