College partnerships

Purpose of the college partnerships

The College Partnership Program started several years ago when teachers at King and Moulton expressed a desire for their students to have opportunities to learn about the career options and areas of study available at each of the undergraduate colleges at ISU. In the partnership, each undergraduate college is paired with a grade level:

Grade LevelSponsor College

Kindergarten College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
First Grade College of Design
Second Grade College of Business
Third Grade College of Human Sciences
Fourth Grade College of Liberal Arts and Science
Fifth Grade College of Engineering

Each college is encouraged to engage with their partner grade level at least once throughout the year - either through in-the-classroom lessons or on-campus field trips. The partnership, however, is not limited. That is, if a grade is studying something that falls into the realm of a different college, those engagements will also be encouraged! The goal is that every student will have been exposed to each college at least once during their K-5 elementary years.