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Meg Hanson

Major: Elementary Education

Minor/option/emphasis: Art Endorsement

Year: Senior
Hometown, State: Hampton, IA

Type of experience: Student Teaching
Experience: International Student Teaching - Germany
Experience website:
Destination: Germany

Overall experience..
My international student teaching experience in Germany was truly an experience of a lifetime. Not only did I get to experience first hand the German culture, but I was given the opportunity to learn from people from all of the world. My student teaching placement was in a Swiss International School where my students and colleagues came from various different countries. Through this experience my cultural awareness grew immensely. Aside from student teaching, I was given many opportunities to travel and explore Europe for myself. I was able to see new places, try different foods, and fully immerse myself in various European countries.

I learned...
I first learned of this international opportunity through my professors in my educator preparation program. After hearing about the various international student teaching placements, I began investigating on the CHS and Study Abroad websites.

An impact to my life...
This experience has impacted my life in countless ways. By getting the chance to see more of the world we live in, I have felt more inspired than ever! While student teaching, I was working with students who are fluent in many languages and who have seen more of the world than I could ever imagine. From these interactions, I have grown as a person and an educator. I am now driven in my career to learn more about English as a second language and have been able to use this as a strength of mine for my upcoming teaching position. Student teaching internationally has been one of the best experiences in my life and I wouldn't change it for anything!

I will never forget...
One of my most memorable experiences while in Europe, is traveling to Milan, Italy. While in Milan I got the opportunity to go on the top terraces of the Duomo di Milano and explore the sites around the Cathedral. This trip was full of rich history and breathtaking views. I will never forget my time spent in Milan!

Advice for others...
My advice to any student who is even considering studying abroad, is to just do it. There will never be a more opportune time in your life to grow as a person and to experience the world we live in. You will be challenged and taken out of your comfort zone, but it is 100% worth it!

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