Student experiences

Student experiences

International Connections experiences

Check out the International Connections page where students share their thoughts and photos on from their international experience, from faculty-led study abroad programs to semesters abroad to International Student Teaching. Some examples are below, but the International Connections has more than 50 student reflections from all CHS departments and schools who studied abroad. 

"Studying abroad in Florence, Italy for an entire semester was one of the greatest experiences of my college career. I absolutely loved diving into a new culture and learning the ways of life in Italy. Studying at Accademia Italiana gave me hands on experience in how the fashion industry works abroad. Throughout the semester I was able to travel around Europe while also gaining a new perspective on my major. " - Maddie Kim, Apparel, Merchandising and Design Major, Semester in Italy at Accademia Italiana


"This experience is one I will cherish forever. I have always wanted to study abroad and this was an amazing opportunity. After traveling overseas for the first time, it inspired me to make a goal to see as many countries as possible throughout my lifetime. I had many great educational experiences on this trip, such as visiting a physiotherapy office, experiencing a BodPod, and hearing about some research being done in Ireland. Learning about Ireland's version of Kinesiology was interesting and I can apply what I learned in my future career, as an Occupational Therapist." - Alisa Holmbeck, Kinesiology Major, Experience Kinesiology in Ireland summer study abroad



Student blogs from abroad

Megan Wiese - KIN Major - University of Otago in New Zealand - Spring 2019

Sarah Solnet - AMD Major - Paris American Academy - Spring 2019

Taylor Barnard - Event Management Major - Explore Prague, Czech Republic the Awesome (AESHM) Way - Summer 2018

Valerie Attwood - AMD Major - Explore Craftsmanship and Hospitality in Western Europe - Summer 2018

Madison Adams - AMD Major - Lorenzo de Medici Institute  - Summer 2018

Zoe Sirotiak - KIN Major - Experience Kinesiology in Ireland - Summer 2018

Allison Deasy - AMD Major - Explore Craftsmanship and Hospitality in Western Europe - Summer 2018

Joshua Tucker - Elementary Ed Major - International Student Teaching in Poland - Spring 2018