CHS STudy Abroad Resource Team (START)

Members of the CHS STudy Abroad Resource Team serve as study abroad ambassadors to CHS students and as an advisory committee for the CHS Director of International Programs. Congratulations to the members of the 2017-2018 CHS STudy Abroad Resource Team!

Molly Hawks

Molly Hawks

Major: Apparel, Merchandising and Design
Minor: Journalism and Event Management
Studied Abroad in Italy and in China

Molly’s two study abroad experiences have contributed toward her goal of learning as much as she can about what the rest of the world is like. After studying for a semester in Italy, Molly had the opportunity to travel to China for two weeks in China through the Bald Eagle and Panda Summer Camp, which was part of a grant from the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. She became more independent and broadened her perspectives on ways of life in other countries. Molly recommends study abroad to everyone on campus because of the opportunities to learn something about yourself and about others. She hopes her next adventure will take her to Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Mikaela Lighty

Mikaela Lighty

Major: Event Management
Studied abroad in the Bahamas

Mikaela loves to travel and her study abroad experience to the Bahamas gave her the opportunity to learn about event management in a different culture. Her favorite experience from “Study Abroad Shorts: Introduction to the Bahamas” was participating in the People to People Program where she and other students had dinner with a Bahamian family so they could understand more about traditions and everyday life. While she was in the Bahamas, Mikaela fell in love with plantains and still craves the food she ate there. Mikaela recommends studying abroad and actively encourages other students in her major to participate in the Bahamas program because of the amazing experience she had. She hopes her next adventure will take her to Ireland or to Greece.

Alanis Morales-Cuadrado

Alanis Morales-Cuadrado

Major: Hospitality Management and Event Management
Studied abroad in the United Arab Emirates

Alanis decided to study abroad to learn more about her two majors in a real-life setting. She wanted to experience the industry in a different culture and examine how Arabic cultural traditions influence events and hospitality. Her CHS faculty-led study abroad program “Exploring Hospitality and Event Management in the Arabic World” gave her the opportunity to meet more students and faculty from her majors, and she connected with them on a more personal level. Her favorite place from the program was the Souk, which is a market where she interacted with locals and shopped for traditional clothing, spices, and souvenirs. Alanis recommends that every student should take the opportunity to study abroad to experience different cultures and foods and to see the world differently. Alanis hopes her next adventure abroad will be in Scotland.

Brianna Namuth

Brianna Namuth

Major: Culinary Food Science
Studied abroad in England

Brianna believes everyone deserves to have the opportunity to experience the world around them, so she jumped at the chance to participate in the CHS faculty-led study abroad program “Food Production in the Artisan Style.” Her study abroad experience has helped her to become more confident and it also solidified her goals for the future. Her favorite experiences from the program were the hands-on nature of the cooking and baking courses as well as visiting buildings that were thousands of years older than anything she had ever seen. Brianna definitely recommends studying abroad to other students, and she hopes her next adventure will take her to western Canada, Europe, or New Zealand.

Learn more about the CHS START Program

Program and Responsibilities

STARTers meet on a monthly basis with the CHS Director of International Programs. These regular meetings are conducted in a seminar format with discussion questions that will be shared with you ahead of time. Your input is important and can help to shape the future of CHS International Programs. This is an excellent leadership opportunity to list on your resume, and it is a way in which you can continue your study abroad experience on campus. Each STARTer serves for one academic year.

STARTers also have responsibilities throughout the academic year. You will assist the CHS International Programs Office with study abroad promotions and participate in a group video where you discuss your study abroad experience. In addition, you will propose and complete an international activity on campus that will demonstrate the benefits of studying abroad or contribute to internationalizing the college. All STARTers have their photos and bios featured on this page and submit International Connections reflections.


After the completion of all required program activities, you will receive a $250 award applied to your U-bill. In addition, all STARTers will be invited join Associate Dean Linda Hagedorn and CHS International Programs Office staff for a meal in the Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom.


Faculty members who led CHS study abroad programs during the previous academic year will be asked to nominate one student for the next academic year’s CHS START program. Nominated students will have demonstrated the following traits and skills during their study abroad experience:

  • leadership
  • global citizenship
  • cultural sensitivity
  • excellent academic performance

If you are interested in participating, ensure that your study abroad program leader knows you want to be a STARTer! Contact Erin French, CHS Director of International Programs, if you have questions about this program.