Affiliated travel

CHS policies on ISU-affiliated international travel

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students (individual undergraduate students, student organizations, and students participating in campus-organized activities) participating in Iowa State sponsored and/or affiliated activities outside the U.S., whether or not involving ISU funds (including independent study credit, research credit, or non-credit activities), need to apply for permission to undertake this activity through ISUAbroad and enroll in CISI insurance. The international office of the college awarding the credit or sponsoring the activity will review the application. In those instances where there is no college international office or there is no clear college sponsor, the Education Abroad Committee (EAC) will review the application.

Individual Undergraduate Students Register Here: Credit-bearing travel | Non-credit-bearing travel
Information for student organizations can be found on the Office of Risk Management's website.  

Graduate students

Graduate students participating in Iowa State sponsored and/or affiliated activities outside the U.S. (including independent study, research, conference participation, whether for credit or non-credit) are required to register their travel through the ISU international travel portal in order to be enrolled in CISI insurance. Premiums for CISI coverage are centrally funded for graduate students if they are participating in business (non-credit) travel. This registration allows ISU to track student travel abroad and facilitates prompt contact in the case of major security events (violence, natural disaster, etc.). Departments, faculty, and/or staff are asked to evaluate carefully any graduate student travel abroad to determine that the activity conforms to the academic and safety standards of the university. Departments are encouraged to consult with the Office of Risk Management about any health, safety, or security concerns.

Individual Graduate Students Register Here: Credit-bearing travel | Non-credit-bearing travel

All Travelers

Before traveling outside of the U.S., all travelers should consult the U.S. Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control.  In addition, it is recommended all travelers consult their primary care physician as needed.  More information about CISI insurance is available from the Office of Risk Management.