2017 Student Leadership Team


Position: Co-Chair
Class: Senior
Major: Kinesiology and health
Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota
Clubs: Human Sciences Week, ExerCYse Is Medicine, and ISU Navigators
Fun fact: I grew up on an organic vegetable farm in MN!
Why HS Week?: I am excited to involve a greater audience in HSW events, such as investing in prospective students and hosting our first alumni outreach event. It is important to build up our community as we seek to bring each event to life.


Position: Co-Chair
Class: Senior
Major: Family & Consumer Sciences Education and Studies
Hometown: Waukee, Iowa
Clubs: Human Sciences Week, CHS Student Council, FCEDS Club
Fun fact: I taught at a culinary program this summer!
Why HS Week?: I can't wait to see all the ways that we as Human Scientists connect and to celebrate our passion for expanding human potential! It’s important to provide experiences for our students, both professional and philanthropic, within their respective majors! 


Position: Communications Chair
Class: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Dietetics and Culinary Food Science
Hometown: Downers Grove, Illinois
Clubs: Human Sciences Week, Culinary Science, Running Club, Human Sciences Council
Fun fact: My dog is named after Forrest Gump!
Why HS Week?: I look forward to watching all of our college come together to celebrate something we all have in common… A love for human sciences and our majors! It is necessary to celebrate identification with one's college and all that comes with being a college student. 


Position: Fiscal Director
Class: Junior
Major: Hospitality Management
Hometown: Monee, Illinois
Clubs: Human Sciences Week, Salt Company, Starts With Soap
Fun fact: I love sea worms! Basically any creature from phylum Annelida in the ocean.
Why HS Week?: It is not just all about grades and getting your diploma. To me, college is the desire to seek knowledge, expand my understanding, and create relationships with other students, faculty, and alumni who share the same passion of Human Sciences. HSW embodies this for me and that is why I love it!


Position: HS Council Liaison
Class: Junior
Major: Nutritional Science
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Clubs: Human Sciences Week, Human Sciences Council, Culinary Science Club, African Students Association
Fun fact: I had a pet tortoise as a kid!
Why HS Week?: I can't wait to see the clubs in the college of human sciences showcase what they got! To me, I also think it is important to unify all students, staff and faculty in the college of Human Sciences.


Position: Operations Chair
Class: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Diet and Exercise
Hometown: Estherville, Iowa
Clubs: Human Sciences Week, Student Dietetic Association, and FSHN learning community
Fun fact: I have 5 other siblings.
Why HS Week?: 


Position: Event Chair
Class: Senior
Major: Event Management
Hometown: Norwalk, Iowa
Clubs: Human Sciences Week, Human Sciences Council, Tap Club, Orchesis II, Event Management Club
Fun fact: I’m a dance teacher! I teach ballet, tap, and jazz to 3-8 year olds.
Why HS Week?: Human Sciences Week is important to me because it was the first event I attended as a transfer student that really made me feel like I was at the right school. Now I get to be a part of planning in it, and I love that I get to help others feel that important connection to our college!