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In the College of Human Sciences, each graduate program is studying an aspect of the science and technology of living and learning. From hands-on field experiences to high-tech labs, our graduate students emerge as academic and career professionals, equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others.

The Iowa State University campus affords students access to rich learning environments, world-renown faculty mentors, and a safe, welcoming campus community. The following links will help you get started:

Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Master of Science

Master of Science (non-thesis)

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy(distance)


Diet and Exercise

Bachelor's/master's program



Division of Higher Education

Higher Education, M.Ed

Student Affairs, M.Ed

Higher Education, Ph.D.

Community College Teaching, certificate

Division of Teaching, Learning, Leadership, and Policy (TLLP)

Educational Leadership, Organizations, & Policy (ELOP)

Instructional Technology, Mathematics Education, and Science Education (ITMS)

Language, Literacy, and Learning (L3)

Social and Cultural Studies of Education (SCS)

School of Education Certificate Program

Applied Research in the Human Sciences

Education for Social Justice


Family and Consumer Sciences

Master of Family and Consumer Sciences (non-thesis) with specialization in Human Development and Family Studies

MFCS -- Comprehensive (online) with Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies specialization

MFCS -- Dietetics (online)

MFCS -- Family Financial Planning (online)

Family Financial Planning (FFP) Graduate Certificate (online)

Financial and Housing Counseling (FHP) Graduate Certificate (online)

MFCS -- Gerontology (online)

MFCS -- Youth Development (online)

Youth Development Specialist Graduate Certificate (online)

Youth Program Management and Evaluation Graduate Certificate (online)


Food Science and Technology

Master of Science - Food Science and Technology

Doctor of Philosophy - Food Science and Technology

Food Safety and Defense Graduate Certificate (CALS)



Master of Science 

Master of Science (non-thesis) 

MFCS -- Gerontology (online)

Gerontology graduate minor (on campus)

Gerontology Graduate Certificate (online)

Doctor of Philosophy


Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management Master of Science

Master of Science (non-thesis)

Hospitality Management Doctor of Philosophy

Distance Doctor of Philosophy (DDP)


Human Development and Family Studies

Master of Science

Doctor of Philosophy



Master of Science in Kinesiology

Doctoral program in Kinesiology



Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences Master of Science

Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Family and Consumer Science - Dietetics (MFCS - Non-thesis) (online)


Online/Distance Education

Distance education CHS graduate programs