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We ask that you bring 1 adult for every 10 students in a 6th-8th grade group or 1 adult for every 15 students in a 9th-12th grade group.

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We are interested in activiies/tours related to the following College of Human Sciences majors. (please note availability of activities will depend on data and length of your visit.)
Apparel, Merchandising and Design
Athletic Training
Child, Adult, and Family Services
Culinary Science
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
Event Management
Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies
Financial Counseling and Planning
Food Science
Hospitality Management
Kinesiology and Health
Nutritional Science

Lunch Options: Group will purchase their own lunch at the memorial Union Food Court (approximately $6-7 per person)
Group will purchase their own lunch in a Campus Dining Center (approximately $11 per person)
Group will bring their own sack lunches (group is responsible for storage of lunches)
Group will eat lunch independently off campus
No lunch period necessary

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Agreement Statement:
Providing excellent customer service and visitor relations is a mission of the College of Human Sciences
Undergraduate Recruitment Office. We strive to provide a custom visit for each group, and we will work with
you to make sure your visit to campus is a memorable one.

We ask that you please read and agree to the terms below in order to submit your request:

  • The more notice that the College of Human Sciences Undergraduate Recruitment Office has to plan your      visit, the more likely the events/activities will be possible. We ask for at least three weeks’ notice for group      visits.
  • Chaperones must actively engage in sessions and supervise students at all times.
  • Notify the College of Human Sciences Undergraduate Recruitment Office if you need to cancel, modify, or      will be late for your campus visit. We ask for 48 hours notice to cancel your visit (excluding weather      related/unavoidable issues).
  • The lead chaperone will have a cell phone available during the visit, and has provided that number to the      College of Human Sciences Undergraduate Recruitment Office.
  • The lead chaperone will express the following “student guidelines” to students:
       • Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner toward each other,           Iowa State University staff and students, and to University property.
       • Visitors will use a voice level that is appropriate while inside campus buildings.
       • Visitors will not leave the group or chaperone at any time during the visit.
       • Visitors will not use electronic devices during tours, presentations, or sessions.
       • Visitors/groups that are deemed unruly or unmanageable by Iowa State University staff will be asked to           pchange their behavior. If the visitor/group continues to be unruly or unmanageable, the presentation, tour,           or entire visit will end.

I have read, understand, and agree to the terms listed above. Further, I will inform fellow chaperones of these terms, and express the above “student guidelines” to the student visitors.

I understand that Iowa State University requests the information for the purpose of mailing, emailing, and calling you with information and to create a record of your interest. No persons outside the university are provided this information.

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