Teaching and education

Teaching and education

What level or age group do you want to teach?

  • Early childhood: birth through grade 3
  • Elementary: kindergarten through grade 6 (K - 8 specialization area)
  • High school: secondary education

Early childhood education

Are you interested in ...?

  • Teaching K - third grade
  • Preschool
  • Head Start
  • Family services
  • Child care
  • Early education teaching
  • Early childhood teaching
  • Child development
  • Early education school
  • Teaching (children, toddlers, and babies)

Is early childhood education right for you?

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Elementary education

Are you interested in?

  • Teaching K - 6 grade
  • Educational programming (science center, zoo, library)
  • Childcare director
  • Area educational agency

In addition, you must have one area of specialization from the list in the yellow box. The area of specialization means you can teach that subject in grades k - 8th.

Areas of specialization (k - 8)

These are the areas of specialization available:
  • Art
  • English and language arts
  • English as a second language (kindergarten through 12)
  • Foreign language
  • Health
  • History
  • Special education
  • Mathematics
  • Basic science
  • Social science
  • Speech/theater
  • Additional specialization in reading

Is elementary education right for you?

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High school education

Program: Secondary Education Licensure

When you teach at the high school level you choose a specific subject to teach that interests you. (In the academic community, the level including grades 5 through 12 is referred to as secondary education.) At Iowa State, you can choose from one of the following major/program areas:

  • Agricultural education
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth sciences
  • English
  • Family and consumer sciences education
  • Health education
  • History–Social sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Music (grades k - 12)
  • Physical education (grades k - 12)
  • Physics
  • World languages and cultures

To complete the Secondary Education Licensure program you need to do the following:

  • Get a degree in the subject you're interested in teaching.
  • Complete the teacher education courses necessary to be licensed to teach (licensure), along with any special endorsements.

Is a Secondary Education Licensure right for you? 

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Education Day

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