Safety Committee


  • Coordinate safety-related issues which affect the college and individual departments.
  • Use CHS Safety and Sustainability Committee meetings as a forum for information gathering and dissemination.
  • Use CHS Safety and Sustainability Committee meetings as a forum to raise new ideas, issues, etc. (e.g. state and national testing requirements, student portfolios, etc.).
  • Represent the respective academic departments and programs.
  • Address all safety changes necessary for the college and departments, including the accommodations necessary for individuals with disabilities. Monthly meetings unless otherwise warranted.
  • The committee members would love to hear you suggestions/comments. Please send a message to the committee and we will respond as soon as possible; they may be reached via email.


Stewart, Jeanne M, chair, Nutrition and Wellness Research Center
Boettcher, Theresa, member, Human Sciences Administration
Smith, Marjorie, member, School of Education
Van Voorhis, Victoria, member, Apparel, Event and Hospitality Management
Leibold, Ronald, member, Kinesiology
Foster, Randy, member, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Ritland, Linda, member, Human Development and Family Studies
Smith, Carl R, member, School of Education
Plagman-Galvin, Jennifer, ex-officio member, Human Sciences Administration