Individual Responsibility and Reporting Injuries

Each individual – whether an employee, student, or a member of the general public – is expected to:

  • Inform others of emergency evacuation routes
  • Prove information on how to reach the Iowa State University Department of Public Safety (police and parking)
  • Follow guidelines and procedures when called upon.

Faculty and instructors please add information in your class syllabus about the student safety information that is available on the CHS student home page under the Safety navigation link.

Each employee and student is responsible for complying with all environmental health and safety rules if applicable and for using any safety equipment that is provided or required.

Each person in a supervisory or management capacity is also responsible to ensure reasonable and safe working conditions in his or her respective area and for proper adherence to all authorized and applicable environmental health and safety policies and rules and regulations. Supervisors are also responsible for filling out the First Report of Injury form on AccessPlus.

Injury and Accident Investigation Reports

First Report of Injury Form

All accidents and injuries occurring at work or in the course of employment must be reported to the employee's supervisor as quickly as possible, even if no medical attention is required. The supervisors are responsible for completing a First Report of Injury (FROI) form and submitting this electronically via AccessPlus withing 24 hours of the incident reporting. Log into AccessPlus, then go to the Employee tab, select Work Injury and then select Continue to view the FROI home page in order to fill out the FROI form.

Accident Investigation Form

An accident investigation is required for employees, students, and visitors who are injured. The supervisor should complete the Accident Investigation Form (PDF) from the Environmental Health and Safety web site as soon as possible to accurately record the events surrounding the incident. The employee, supervisor and witnesses should provide input into the accident investigation. Supervisors are encouraged to obtain written accounts of the accident. Supervisors who do not have accident investigation experience can contact Environmental Health and Safety (515-294-5359) for guidance and assistance in accident investigations, especially when a serious injury or major loss occurs. Accident investigations should be completed and the forms sent to Environmental Health and Safety, 1122 EHSSB or emailed to within 7 business days of the incident.

Accidents and Injuries

For more information about treatment and reporting of accidents, see EHS Accidents and Injuries.