Fire Prevention

Fire prevention practices include:

  • Completing required EHS Fire Safety and Extinguisher Training for all ISU personnel.
  • Removing waste paper, empty boxes, packaging, and old rags.
  • Prohibiting the use of space heater.
  • Prohibiting the use of candles or open flames in areas other than authorized shops, laboratories, and kitchens.
  • Keeping corridors obstruction-free. Bulletin boards, display cabinets of non-combustible construction and approved benches are acceptable.
  • Prohibiting the placement of electrical cords running across doors or aisles, or behind or under furniture where they can become pinched.
  • Prohibiting the use of extension cords and/or tandem power strips.
  • Keeping stairs and stairwells adequately lit and free of obstructions and storage.
  • Keeping fire and corridor doors closed, unless equipped with magnetic hold-open devices. Wedges are not allowed.
  • Ensuring that exit lights and emergency lights are functioning properly. Call 515-295-5100 to request lighting maintenance.
  • For more detailed information check EHS Fire Safety Guidelines