Key contacts

Apparel, Events,
and Hospitality Management

Department chair: Eulanda Sanders

Office assistant: Victoria Van Voorhis

Graduate programs assistant: LouAnn Doyle

Undergraduate programs assistant:

Food Science and Human Nutrition

Department chair: Ruth MacDonald

Office assistant: Alice Pareti

Graduate programs assistant: Brenda Emery

Undergraduate programs assistant: Mickie Deaton

Human Development
and Family Studies

Department chair: Carl Weems

Office assistant: Mary Jane McCunn

Director of graduate education: Kere Hughes-Belding

Graduate programs assistant:

Director of undergraduate education: Gayle Luze


Director of Graduate Education: Jennifer Margrett

GPIDEA Campus Coordinator: Katie Mott

Dietetic graduate program: Sarah Francis

Family financial planning graduate program: Jonathan Fox

Gerontology graduate program: Jennifer Margrett

Youth development graduate program: Meghan Gillette


Director: Donald Hackmann

Associate Director: Denise Schmidt-Crawford

Office assistant: Marjorie Smith

Director of graduate education: Anne Foegen

Graduate programs assistant: Sara Goplin

Director of Education Preparation: Heidi Doellinger


Department chair: Li-Shan Chou

Office assistant: Jo Burdick

Director of graduate education: Jason Gillette

Graduate programs assistant: DeAnn Pitman

Human Sciences Extension and Outreach

Associate Dean and Director: Debra Sellers

Office assistant: Patti Lewis