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Warren Franke

Title: Professor
Department: Kinesiology

Office: 0103j Forker 534 Wallace Rd., Ames, IA 50011
Phone number: +1 515 294 8257
Email: wfranke@iastate.edu

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Research interests

  • Mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease in emergency responders, such as law enforcement officers and firefighters
  • Using virtual reality environments to assess decision making and cardiovascular responses to occupationally relevant stressful situations
  • Exercise in older adults
  • Cardiovascular exercise physiology

Research Interests

My interests center around the cardiovascular system and efforts to improve cardiovascular health. For most of my academic careery, my primary focus has been on the effects of job duties associated with emergency responder occupations (e.g., law enforcement and firefighters) on cardiovascular disease risk in these occupations. This work has included assessments of traditional CVD risk factors, novel risk factors (e.g., inflammatory mediators) and job demands (i.e., stress, sleep disturbances).  More recently, I have become increasingly involved in collaborating with colleagues, Drs. Nir Keren and Michael Dorneich, in determining how best to improve decision making under stress.  We use virtual reality environments (e.g., emergency situations on the ISS:  https://youtu.be/1ogSMaIzo8E) to mimic real-life situations in a controlled, reproducible manner.


My primary teaching responsibilities revolve around exercise programming at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  I also teach a basic electrocardiography course when my workload allows.  While it varies by year, I usually mentor 1-2 doctoral students and 1-2 masters students.

Professional Activities

I serve as the Associate Chair for the Department of Kinesiology, am on a number of committees at ISU, the Editorial Board of ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal and am an ad hoc reviewer for a number of journals as well as funding agencies.  Finally, I serve on three committees for the national Boy Scouts of America, including chairing the ScoutStrong Healthy Living Initiative.  For most of my career at ISU (August 1991 to May 2018), I also served as the Director of The Exercise Clinic at ISU, an on-campus adult fitness program.   The Clinic is an important component of the teaching and outreach missions of the Department of Kinesiology.