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Kurt Rosentrater

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Food Science and Human Nutrition

Office: 3327 Elings, Ames, IA 50011
Phone number: +1 515 294 4019
Email: karosent@iastate.edu

Research interests

I am a food engineer.  Over the years, I have worked as an engineer in industry, government, and academics.  My professional interests focus on creating sustainable pathways forward for the human food and animal feed industries by developing, analyzing, and optimizing processes and products that maximize value and minimize negative consequences for all stakeholders, including the envirionment.

To accomplish this, I employ the principles of physics, chemistry, and engineering to biological systems.  I am currently developing manufacturing processes to produce renewable, sustainable products such as enhanced foods, feeds, fuels, bioplastics, biocomposites, advanced biofuels, and other forms of bioenergy.  I also use techno-economic modeling and life cycle assessment to examine and optimize bio-based systems.  My work ranges from the laboratory scale, to the factory scale, to the farm scale, and even to larger ecosystem scales.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information, if you would like to discuss potential research collaborations, or if you would like to discuss classes.

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I teach courses on processing of food and biological materials, sustainability and economic analyses, as well as grain storage, handling, and processing.

I also teach FSHN 496 / 596, which is a food and culinary study abroad course in Paris, France.  More information can be found here.



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