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James Lang

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Kinesiology

Office: 0103A Forker, Ames, IA 50011-4008
Phone number: +1 (515) 2944027
Email: jlang1@iastate.edu

Research interests

  • Microvascular dysfunction that occur with aging and in preclinical and clinical populations
  • Thermoregulatory function in response to environmental stimuli
  • Autonomic control at rest and during exercise

Microvascular dysfunction is an early prognostic step in cardiovascular disease progression that often occurs prior to the onset of clinical symptoms.  Using skin as an accessible microcirculatory model, we can noninvasively examine underlying mechanisms in vivo that explain how microvascular dysfunction occurs with cardiovascular disease or aging.  Recently, we have been testing interventions that may improve microvascular function (Lang et al. 2019). 

The skin is a key effector organ for thermoregulatory function in humans.  By controlling skin temperature using a water-perfusion suit, we can examine how thermoregulatory, as well as cardiovascular and autonomic, function is altered by a given environmental stimulus.  Recently, we have tested a strategy that may improve thermoregulatory responses to cold exposure in older adults (Lang et al. 2019).

I serve as the Co-director of the Hemodynamics laboratory.  More information about the lab and current projects can be found at:  https://www.kin.hs.iastate.edu/research-lab/hemodynamics-lab/