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Angela Shaw

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Food Science and Human Nutrition

Office: 2577 Food Sciences, Ames, IA 50011-1054
Phone number: +1 (515) 2940868
Email: angelaml@iastate.edu

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Research interests

Dr. Shaw’s research is focused into two signature areas: 1) pre-and post-harvest food safety interventions and 2) further processing food safety interventions.  These two signature areas focus on non-meat commodities with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables and bulk raw agricultural commodities. Her research blends with her extension and outreach program focused on: 1) food safety education; 2) food law; and 3) professional development training to complete a recognized food safety intervention program.

Her research and extension and outreach funding and related support has obtained $3,070,995 through both external and internal sources (Total for the grants $11,425,827).  Specifically, my laboratory has obtained a total of $3,017,736 External Funds and $53,259 Internal Funds. Her scholarly output from work conducted at Iowa State will include 26 peer-reviewed articles accepted in high-impact journals, 33 extension/trade journal articles, eight invited interviews and quotes, four websites, 28 short courses, workshops, and webinars and another 44 poster or oral presentations at various regional, national and international scientific meetings and workshops. Dr. Shaw will have also supervised the completion of 1 Ph.D. dissertation and 7 master’s thesis and she expects to graduate an additional MS student and 3 PhD students by December 2019.



Principle Director of the North Central Regional Center for FSMA Training, Extension, and Technical Assistance (www.ncrfsma.org).  FDA funded center that supports food safety initiatives in 12 states in the Midwest region (Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin), that has over 50 partners through the United States.

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