Undergraduate Student Profiles

Emily Leerhoff

Emily Leerhoff is a family and consumer sciences education and studies major who is passionate about teaching. As a Rising Star Intern for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach this summer, Emily got to impact communities in ways she'd never thought of before.

Claire Groth

Claire Groth's experience as a Rising Star Intern with ISU Extension and Outreach helped her develop skills in food, nutrition, and community outreach that will support her far beyond graduation.

Kelsey Best

Kelsey Best plans on working in the golf industry and planning major tournaments. When she isn't focused on schoolwork, Kelsey is involved in her sorority and communication studies club. 

Lydia Granahan

Lydia Granahan changed her major to event management to work with a balanced mix of creativity and numbers. As an intern for the Academy of Country Music Awards, Lydia is actively preparing herself for her dream career in the music industry.

Kathy Franco Torres

Moving from Puerto Rice to come to college at Iowa State University, Kathy Franco Torres has had to do a lot of adjusting – but her new home has brought her closer to realizing her goal of becoming a neurosurgeon.

Dawn Hales

Dawn Hales has looked forward to earning a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) since she began her nursing career about 25 years ago. Dawn is proud to lead a team of 20 nurses and 40 aides as the director of nursing. She wants her journey of obtaining a BSN to set an example for her coworkers.

Kiara Roberts

Kiara Roberts, as part of the Cyclone Scholars is a scholarship program, wants to make a difference in by researching and developing solutions for hunger relief and food insecurity around the world.

Alicia Miltner

Alicia Miltner’s personal experience with hospice care made her realize what she wants to do with her life and what’s important to her. She wants to impact people's lives as a physician assistant.

Allison Gress

Allison Gress lived in Las Vegas, New York City, and Munich while searching for a city and institution that would be the right size and educational fit for her. It was when she transferred to Iowa State that she truly discovered her future path.

Misty Brooks

Misty Brooks is a semester away from earning her BSN from Iowa State. While working through the program, she has uncovered new perspectives on the nursing profession and her role as a caretaker.

Lydia Anderson

Lydia Anderson has wanted to become a teacher for nearly her whole life. Now a sophomore studying elementary education at Iowa State, Lydia has come a long way since erasing the chalkboard in her first-grade classroom.

Nathan Hoth

After transferring from a different college and leaving his baseball career behind, Nathan is looking forward to utilizing Iowa State's nutritional science program to prepare him for his dream career of neuroscience research.

Nicole Kling

Nicole Kling, a senior in diet and exercise, wants to work in community nutrition and help people develop a positive view of healthy eating and exercise. She is now tailoring her research to her future her goals through her work with the Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship.

Lillie Perry

As a financial counseling and planning major, a member of the Financial Planning Association, and a student worker in the Student Loan Education Office on campus, Lillie Perry is collecting priceless experience that will help her help others with their finances.

Brooke Vogel

While Brooke Vogel is currently weighing her options when it comes to post-graduation plans, the Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship is giving her a taste of what attending graduate school might be like, should she choose to go.

Sydney Washington

Sydney Washington plans to work as a general dentist for the U.S. Air Force. When she isn't studying, Sydney spends "me time" going to the gym or hanging out with family.

Kinzie Matz

Kinzie Matz is one of seven students who earned a 2019 Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship. When she graduates with a degree in dietetics, she plans on becoming a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian. 

Taylor Barnard

Taylor Barnard hopes to work at the Make-A-Wish Foundation after she graduates. When she isn't studying, Taylor enjoys volunteering, following Bob Ross painting tutorials with friends, and taking care of her plants.

Jamie Stuhr

Jamie Stuhr plans to work as a physical therapist after graduation. When she isn't studying, Jamie enjoys hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, going to the movies, and going to Buffalo Wild Wings every Tuesday night. 

Mary Kate Horak

Mary Kate Horak is one of seven students who earned the 2019 Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship. She has accepted an offer from the University of Virginia Ph.D. biomedical science program for after she graduates in May. 

Khum Yan (Adriana) Chew

Adriana Chew plans on working in food product research and development after graduation. When she isn't studying, Adriana likes to hang with friends, try new recipes, and of course, eat.

Brittney Dvorsky

Brittney Dvorsky plans to work as a kindergarten teacher after graduation. When Brittney isn't studying she enjoys baking, watching movies with her roommates or spending time at home with family.

Sofia Mendoza

Sofia Mendoza is one of seven students who earned a 2019 Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship. She plans on being a health care provider and focus on preventive medicine research. 

Cassidy Swiggum

Cassidy Swiggum plans to work with children as a Kindergarten teacher or in school administration. When the she isn't studying, Cassidy enjoys watching Netflix and reading.

KJ Rauch

KJ Rauch plans to work as an occupational therapist in an acute rehabilitation unit at a hospital. When she isn't studying, KJ enjoys finding recipes on Pinterest, going to concerts and sporting events, watching Netflix, and spending time with friends and family.

Makenzie Schurk

Makenzie Schurk plans to work as a celebrity stylist or in a wholesale showroom after graduation. When Mackenzie isn't studying, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and going to get half price appetizers at Applebee's.

Hannah Van Roekel

Hannah Van Roekel wants to go into athletic training or physical therapy after she graduates. When she isn't working in the gymnastics athletic training clinic, Hannah enjoys running, baking, and crocheting.

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones is in the midst of creating her own online event design studio. When she isn't working on her business, Ashley loves to craft: making shirts, canvases, and customized mugs.

Zoe Lambert

Zoe Lambert is keeping her options open when it comes to her career, but she hopes to go into healthcare policy, academia, or become a physician. When Zoe isn't studying, she enjoys going to the gym, tending to her cacti and succulents, and listening to podcasts.

John Kerr

John Kerr plans on becoming a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner after he graduates. When he has free time, John enjoys watching The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Loo-Yee Wong

Once she graduates, Loo-Yee Wong hopes to work in a hospital as a clinical dietician, with a possible focus on professional dancers. When she isn't busy with her club involvement, Loo-Yee enjoys cooking and baking with friends.

Jake Bennett

Jake Bennett is on his way to being an elementary school teacher and basketball coach. When he isn't studying, you can find him playing pick-up basketball at State Gym.

Katie Stearney

Katie Stearney is working to become a physician's assistant in an under-served community after she graduates. When she gets time to herself she enjoys running, reading, cooking, and practicing yoga.

Sela Hanson

Sela Hanson’s on-campus leadership experience sets her apart in the field of elementary education. When she isn’t busy with her extracurricular activities, you can catch her watching YouTube cooking videos, biking, or knitting.

Brea Baumhover

Brea Baumhover plans to work as a family and consumer sciences and health teacher. When she isn't studying, Brea enjoys spending time with friends, participating in multiple clubs, and relaxing with embroidery, cross-stitch, or wool applique.

Adrienne Rule

Adrienne Rule plans to work in academic advising after graduating. In her free time she likes to spend time with her roommates and friends, listen to crime and mystery podcasts, watch Netflix and YouTube, and eat at Dairy Queen, Starbucks, and Chick-fil-A. 

Megan Slattery

Megan Slattery hopes to use her degree to be a family physician. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going to the gym, making crafts, and exploring the Ames area with friends.

Shelby Dumont

Shelby Dumont looks forward to making an impact in the education profession after she graduates. When she isn't growing her skills as an educator, she likes watching Netflix, spending time with her friends, and trying new restaurants.

Karina Stripe

Karina Stripe looks forward to utilizing the unified program Iowa State University offers in her future career as an early childhood educator. When she isn't working with kids, she enjoys spending time with her chocolate lab, reading books, and eating pineapple on her pizza.

Kaelyn Swartout

Kaelyn Swartout aspires to make an impact helping children as a child life specialist after graduation. When she isn't building her knowledge for her future career, she enjoys watching Grey's Anatomy, hanging out with her friends, and staying involved in her sorority.

Grace Crapson

Grace Crapson looks forward to her future as an educator. When Grace isn't doing homework she co-writes short stories with her boyfriend, reads her Bible, or can be found doing her friends' hair and makeup.

Isabella Ellis

Isabella Ellis wants to work as a physical education teacher for an elementary school after graduation. Outside of her classes, clubs, and homework, she enjoys reading, watching HGTV, and working out.

Olivia Pierce

Olivia Pierce wants to teach 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade elementary school students after she graduates. Outside of her coursework and her job, Olivia enjoys spending time with friends, working out at State Gym, and spending time outside in nice weather.

Kate Pruess

Kate Pruess is incredibly excited to teach family and consumer sciences once she graduates; however, her ​dream​ job is to become a guidance counselor. She plans on teaching for a few years and then get her masters in school counseling. For now, she enjoys spending her free time reading, baking, and going to the gym.

Megan Wiese

Megan Wiese looks forward to chiropractic school once she completes her undergraduate degree at Iowa State University. When she isn't preparing for her next adventure, she spends time hammocking with friends or trying to catch up on sleep and Netflix.

Elyse Christian

Elyse Christian looks forward to educating parents on their children's development after she obtains her degree. For now, she enjoys spending time with her husband, reading, and listening to music.

Corey Ball

Corey Ball looks forward to becoming a physical therapist for athletes after he graduates. Until then, Corey enjoys spending his time listening to music, playing basketball, and lifting.

Mariah Mikel

Mariah Mikel is pursuing a degree in hospitality management with the goal of one day managing a resort in Hawaii. Besides making travel plans to tropical destinations, she enjoys working out, going to the movies, and trying new restaurants in her free time.

Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright has a strong interest for digital retail and hopes to help a major retail company bridge the gap between e-commerce and brick and mortar. Until she reaches her goal, she enjoys listening to Retail Gets Real podcasts by the National Retail Federation and playing computer games in her free time.

Anlis Mercado

After graduating, Anlis Mercado wants to work as a guidance counselor for adolescents. Walking around campus, watching Netflix, or reading a good book are ways she unwinds after hours of classes and studying.

Landon Calderwood

Landon Calderwood is preparing to be a family and consumer sciences professor after graduation. He enjoys playing the organ, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends when he isn’t focusing on coursework and clubs.

Courtney Biere

Courtney Biere hopes to become a corporate event planner or immerse herself in fashion show production after graduation. While she prepares to reach her career goal, outside of studying she enjoys spending time with friends over board games, eating good food, and attending group fitness classes.

Tammie Melton

Tammie Melton hopes to use her apparel, merchandising, and design major and her second major in marketing to work as a talent manager or for Glossier as a social media director. For now, Tammie watches YouTube videos, scrolls through Instagram, and reads style blogs in her free time.

Ryan True

Ryan True plans to become a fitness entrepreneur servicing the wellness needs of seniors. Until then, he likes to watch The Office or whatever is on Comedy Central when he isn't studying.

Vanessa Kime

Vanessa Kime wants to use her degree in elementary education to teach all over the world. When she isn't studying, you can find her hanging out with friends, watching movies, or practicing photography.

Brandon Jackson

Brandon Jackson chose Iowa State University for the kinesiology program. When he isn't studying to become a physical therapist, you can find him working out, watching Netflix, or thrift shopping.

Amber Holloway

After spending time teaching elementary education, Amber Holloway wants to continue her education to become a guidance counselor. In between classes and studying, she enjoys doing yoga, trying out new coffee shops, and hanging out with friends.

Diane Tan

Diane Tan prepares for her future career as a clinical dietitian. When she isn't in class or volunteering, Diane spends time with her friends eating food or hitting the gym.

Jessie Glanz

Jessie Glanz can't wait to use her dietetics degree to work as a clinical dietitian. Besides studying and mentoring prospective students as a CHS ambassador, she enjoys tailgating, spending time at the gym, and exploring new trails to run.

Mariah Nichols

Mariah Nichols can't wait to use her financial counseling and planning degree to help people manage their finances. In addition to working and studying, Mariah enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and participating in clubs.

Jon Ordonio

Jon Ordonio strives to join UNESCO and teach children around the world. When Jon isn't preparing to be a teacher, he attends club meetings, learns dance moves on YouTube, and reads the newest version of a Japanese light novel.

Macy Morrow

Macy Morrow wants to become a physician assistant and eventually work for Doctors Without Borders. When she isn't studying, she likes to explore campus, hammock, and hang out with friends.

Alyssa Best

Alyssa Best's dream job is working as a merchandiser for J. Crew. When she's not working toward her degree, she enjoys watching Netflix and reading.

Kristin Gerhardt

Kristin Gerhardt wants to use her degree in dietetics to work as a clinical dietitian in weight management. During her free time, she enjoys hiking with her dogs at Ledges State Park, trying new restaurants, and going to sporting events.

Haley Appel

Haley Appel's career goal is teaching in a child care facility of K-3. Until she earns her degree, she thrift shops, spends time at Cafe Diem, and hangs out with her friends.

Nicole Kluesner

Nicole Kluesner wants to work as a buyer for a corporate office or open my own boutique. Right now, she spends her time baking treats for her roommates, watching Netflix, and listening to music.

Tessa Anderson

Tessa Anderson looks forward to working in research and development with hunger relief. When she isn't informing people about food insecurity, she enjoys crafting, baking, and spending time with friends.

Naomi Petrich

Naomi Petrich's dream of becoming a physician assistant has started to become reality as she begins to apply to physician assistant school. When she isn't preparing her application materials, she enjoys golfing with her friends and re-watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill.

Haley Schany

Haley Schany is certain she wants to be a physician assistant. In the mean time, she enjoys going on adventures with friends and cheering on the Cyclones with the greatest fan base in the country.

Andra Luth

Andra Luth decided to major in kinesiology after suffering a sports injury in high school. When she isn't preparing for physical therapy school, she enjoys running and watching "Friends" with her roommates.

Brenda Zavala-Livengood

Brenda Zavala-Livengood's career goal is working marketing and business development for a food company. Until then, she spends her time with family, friends, and her corgi, or by completing many of her half-started Pinterest projects.

Daniel Shultz

Daniel Shultz hopes to work as an athletic trainer in either the NFL or at a Division I school. For now, he spends his time enjoying the outdoors by hiking, playing football, and hammocking. 

Megan Wallace

When Megan changed her major to child, adult, and family services after her freshman year, she knew it was the right choice. She enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and going out to eat with friends. 

Leah Beman

Leah Beman wants to be a special education elementary teacher. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, or drinking refreshers at Starbucks.

Kelsey Finn

Kelsey Finn plans to be an occupational therapist with a focus on mental health, brain trauma, or pediatrics. When Kelsey isn't attending one of her club meetings, she spends time with friends, working out, and hiking.

Hana Hoang

As an international student, Tra "Hana" Hoang learned branching out was the best way to make new friends. She enjoys dancing, watching Korean dramas, and running in her free time. 

Anastasia Frazee

Anastasia Frazee wants to use her culinary food science degree to open her own bakery someday. When she isn't trying out new recipes in the kitchen, she enjoys playing soccer and hanging out with her friends.

Marilyn Gasienica

Marilyn Gasienica hopes to use her hospitality management degree to one day work at Disney World. When she isn't planning her next Disney trip, she spends time watching movies with her roommates or rewarding herself with a sweet treat from Dairy Queen.

Angela Kermes

Angela Kermes aspires to own and run her own hotel someday. For now, she spends time with friends, working out, and volunteering at the Story County Animal Shelter.

Taylor Dulaney

Taylor Dulaney wants to use her degree in culinary food science to work in product development. Some of her favorite pastimes include catching up on sleep and going out to eat with her friends.

Kenneth Echevarria

Ken Echevarria loves learning about diet and exercise science. When he isn’t studying, he enjoys spending time at State Gym, making music, or hanging out around central campus.

Keesha Gaines

Keesha Gaines wants to work as an occupational therapist in the future. Right now, she spends time binge watching television, working, or playing basketball.

Sia Turner

Sia's goal is to serve as a Peace Corps Youth in Development volunteer. She would also like to be a social worker, empowering teens to improve their lives. Between volunteering, Sia finds time to bike, listen to music, and watch Netflix.

Ashley Murphy

Ashley Murphy knows she wants to work in a Title I school district, as a kindergarten teacher, with at-risk children. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys grabbing coffee from Caribou and sitting on central campus with a book, going to the Memorial Union Maintenance Shop, and finding new things to do around Ames.

Kelly Stocker

Kelly Stocker knows she wants to teach preschool in an inclusive classroom. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys reading, hiking, and watching movies.

Jenna King

Jenna King wants to work as a clinical exercise physiologist with doctors who prescribe exercise as medicine. When she isn't studying, she enjoys rollerblading, drinking black coffee, and working at Great Plains Sauce and Dough Company.

Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen plans to eventually obtain her master's degree in public health and become a public health nutritionist. When she isn't studying, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, hanging out with her dog, and working at ISU Extension and Outreach.

Haley Clifton

Haley Clifton wants to work in corporate wellness or as a health coach. When she isn't studying, she enjoys exercising, cooking, and watching Food Network with her cat, Toby.

Anna Ben-Shlomo

Anna Ben-Shlomo's goal is opening her own practice as a registered dietitian. When she isn't studying, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and reading.

Jonathan Cerna

Jonathan Cerna wants to work as a dietitian and researcher. When he isn't studying, he enjoys reading, powerlifting, and playing guitar.

Beth Baustian

Beth Baustian's goal is working as a dietitian and health editor/medical science writer. When she isn't studying, she enjoys listening to podcasts, drinking coffee, and cooking.

Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson's goal is working in a clinical setting, preferably with Diabetes patients or disease prevention. When she isn't studying, she enjoys spending time with friends, painting, and reading.

Madeleine Kiepura

Madeleine Kiepura knows she wants to work in a test kitchen. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys trying new recipes, swimming at State Gym, and lounging in a hammock on central campus.

Colleen Humble

Colleen Humble knows she wants to be a sports dietitian. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys cooking, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

Marissa Carlson

Marissa can't wait to work for a cruise line or country club. When she isn't studying she enjoys playing sports, painting, and reading.

Sergio Torres

Sergio wants to one day help people manage their debt as a financial counselor. When he isn’t studying, he can be found dancing, writing, or playing video games.

Kelly Verburgt

Kelly Verburgt plans to use her love of nutrition to help others as a dietitian. When she isn't studying, she enjoys spending time with friends, testing new recipes, and working for Human Sciences Extension and Outreach.

Hannah Astarita

Hannah Astarita aspires to work as an activities director. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going for walks, talking with people, and watching movies with friends.

Monica Thornton

Monica Thornton hopes to help people as a future dietitian. When she isn't studying, she enjoys hiking at Ledges, attending concerts, and grabbing coffee with friends.

Sarah Mader

Sarah Mader plans to establish her own apparel design company. When she isn't studying, she enjoys taking advantage of downtime, catching up on sleep, and hanging out with friends.

Jill Vanderhoof

Jill Vanderhoof knows she wants to be a guidance counselor. When she isn't studying, she enjoys volunteering, spending time on her family's farm, and playing intramural sports.

Haylee Flint-Baker

Haylee aspires to be a Department of Human Services (DHS) social worker. When she’s not studying or working at Mainstream Living, she enjoys reading, going out to eat with friends, and taking naps with her dog.

Kelsey Warfield

Kelsey hopes to plan events for a non-profit organization. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends, and taking part in Iowa State traditions before graduation.

Kelly Koch

Kelly Koch is determined to be a child life specialist. When she’s not studying or volunteering as Miss Iowa, she enjoys getting involved in her sorority, going on walks, and working out at State Gym.

Samantha Shirazi

Samantha Shirazi knows she wants to be buyer for an apparel company. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys trying new recipes, baking, and participating in multiple student organizations.

Katie Tullar

Katie Tullar can't wait to become a family and consumer science high school teacher. When she isn't studying, she can be found working out at State Gym, hanging out in coffee shops, or exploring new places on campus.

Emma Bixenman

Emma Bixenman aspires to buy for a large apparel company. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going to brunch with friends, exploring Ames, and going to the gym.

Jessica Taylor

Jessica wants to start her own organization and work in politics. When she’s not studying, she can be found following politics, volunteering, or playing with animals.

Brie Johnson

Brie Johnson wants to help individuals with their health goals. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going to State Gym, lifting weights, and watching "Grey's Anatomy," "One Tree Hill," or "Supernatural" on Netflix.

Logan Schneider

Logan Schneider can't wait to start his financial counseling career. When he isn’t studying, he enjoys running for the Iowa State University track and field team, lifting weights, and training to be an Ultimate Fighting Champion.

Allison Cherry

Allison Cherry plans to make a name for herself in the fashion world. When she isn't studying she enjoys reading novels, road-tripping with friends, and watching Netflix.

Leah Blankespoor

Leah Blankespoor looks forward to planning events in her hometown. When she isn't studying she enjoys working as a professional princess, posting content on her blog, and surfing Pinterest for DIY crafts.

Genevieve Hepworth

Genevieve (Genny) knows she wants to work as a pediatric physical therapist. When she isn’t studying she enjoys spending time outdoors, reading leisurely, and making time for close family and friends.

Sarah Menzel

Sarah Menzel knows she wants to be a pediatric dietitian. When she isn't studying, she enjoys working out, knitting, and playing with her cat.

Elizabeth Davitt

Elizabeth (Liz) Davitt plans to combine her love of nutrition and exercise in her future career. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys relaxing, having movie nights with friends, and simply enjoying her study breaks.

Jenna Leland

Jenna Leland can't wait to start her dietetics career. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going for runs around Ames, taking photos, and spending time with friends.

Hannah Walton

Hannah Walton plans to work organizing events. When she isn't studying she enjoys planning events for the Student Union Board, hanging out with friends, and crocheting quilts to de-stress.

Gretchen Henningsen

Gretchen Henningsen intends to earn her master's degree and work as a registered dietitian. When she isn't studying, she enjoys kayaking, riding her bike, and spending time with family and friends.

Nyahon Both

Nyahon Both aspires to start her own community nutrition program When she isn't studying, she enjoys volunteering with ACCESS, participating in various on-campus events, and binging her favorite Netflix shows.

Leah Brooke

Leah Brooke knows she wants to work in a clinical setting. When she isn't studying, she enjoys roller blading, going on random adventures, and attending Iowa State sporting events.

Jade Weber

Jade Weber aspires to help athletes as a physical therapist. When she isn’t studying or working for the Iowa Wild hockey team, she enjoys going to concerts, spending time with her family and friends, and parenting her two dogs: Bear and Bogey.

Sara Martin

Sara Martin can't wait to help athletes with nutrition. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys working out, painting, and taking naps.

Elisabeth Burken

Elisabeth (Libby) Burken knows she's headed toward a clinical career. When she isn't studying she enjoys volunteering, watching Netflix, and crafting.

Nicole Marg

Nicole Marg can't wait to teach her own class. When she isn’t studying, or working at the Child Development Laboratory School, she enjoys exploring parks and trails around Ames, doing puzzles, and relaxing with a good book.

Matthew Eaton

Matthew Eaton intends to use his degree to work as a cardiac rehab specialist. When he isn’t studying, he enjoys playing computer games, longboarding outside, and bowling with friends.

Lisa Nebel

Lisa Nebel looks forward to helping clients with their financial issues. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys spending time at home with her family, cooking up weekly dinners with friends, and filling her Pinterest board with new ideas.

Mallory Majors

Mallory Majors wants to work as an occupational therapist. When she isn't studying she enjoys reading, going shopping, and running with her dog.

Kaitlyn Varner

Kaitlyn Varner looks forward to teaching family and consumer sciences. When she isn't studying she enjoys attending athletic events, exploring Ames with friends, and watching Netflix.

Maaike Hendrikson

Maaike Hendrikson hopes to work events for a convention center someday. When she isn't studying she enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching T.V., and cooking/baking.

Parker Hinkle

Parker hopes to work as a surgeon. When he isn't studying or getting involved on campus, he enjoys hanging out with friends, relaxing, and taking advantage of his rare free time.

Elizabeth Jacoby

Elizabeth (Beth) loves providing positive event experiences for clients. When she isn't studying she enjoys spending time with friends by taking trips to Target, trying new restaurants, and making trips to the High Trestle Trail Bridge.

Brooke Odendahl

Brooke Odendahl plans to use her dietetics degree to help those fighting eating disorders. When she isn't studying, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, whipping up something tasty in the kitchen, and relaxing with yoga.

Gina Lee

Gina Lee wants to become a gerontology professor in the United States. When she isn't studying, Gina likes to surf Facebook and watch movies.

Karter Ewing

Karter Ewing has his mind set on helping future athletes. When he isn't studying, he enjoys taking advantage of the free clubs and activities on campus including Cyclone Cinema or playing intramural sports.

Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer plans to become a registered dietitian. When she isn't studying, she enjoys running, exploring different trails around Ames, and being outside.

Benjamin Dralle

Benjamin Dralle plans to use his nutritional science degree to attend medical school. When he isn't studying or working as a community adviser in Willow Hall, he enjoys participating in judo, going for runs around campus, and spending time with friends hanging out or grabbing meals (especially Conversation's late-night meal bundles).

Cynthia Reyes

Cynthia Reyes wants to teach kids. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys hanging out with friends, participating in clubs, and dancing.