CHS Professional and Scientific Council


The College of Human Sciences Professional & Scientific Council (CHS P&SC) is the representative body for all P&S staff in the college.  Members work with the dean and ISU P&S Council representatives to address topics that are important to CHS P&S staff.  The co-chair (exiting) is a voting member on the college honors & awards committee.

Council Members

All terms start July 1, end June 30 and are 3-year commitments unless noted otherwise. An asterisk (*) indicates a term was extended due to the leadership office held.

Members elected to Chair positions are expected to fulfill the 3-year rotation even if they are replaced as their unit representatives

Cathy Curtis (Chair), Public Relations 2016-2021*

Liz Harris (Past Chair), Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management/Human Develeopment and Family Studies, 2016-2020*

DeAnn Barnes, Dean's Office 2018-2021

Brenda Emery, Food Science and Human Nutrition 2018-2021

Jennifer Flugge, Online Distance Learning and Information Technology Services 2017-2020

Laura Kilbride, Student Services 2019-2022

Gretchen Meyer, Human Development and Family Studies 2017-2020

Tracie Miller, School of Education 2019-2022

DeAnn Pitman, Kinesiology 2018-2021

Chris Wise, Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management, 2020-2023 


Laura Jolly, Dean (ex-officio)

TBA, Dean's Representative (ex-officio)

Mickie Deaton, ISU P&S Council (ex-officio), (also Chair-elect of CHS P&S Council)

Chris Myers, ISU P&S Council (ex-officio)

CHS P&S Performance Evaluation Form

The CHS P&S Performance Evaluation Form was developed in response to needs expressed by CHS P&S staff members when the committee conducted a survey in the fall of 2010 -- and has been updated and refined frequently since then. The form was designed to improve individual performance evaluations and make the evaluation process more equitable across the departments within the College of Human Sciences.

CHS - P&S Performance Evaluation Form (doc)

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