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School days and friends, 1990s-2000s

Submitted by Swarna Viegas from Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Ph.D. Family and Consumer Sciences Education 1997

Remembering professors

I recall the hospitality of faculty members Dr. Frances Smith, Dr. Judy Brun, Dr. Alyce Fanslow, Dr. Sally Williams, and Dr. Rosalie Amos. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter can be very lonely times for an international student. It meant a lot to me to be invited to their homes. I recollect that Dr. Smith had invited me over for a thanksgiving celebration with her family, and the thrill we had sledding down the snow covered hill.

I remember Dr. Crabtree who taught me Leadership Development. I admired her charisma, confidence, and ability to get difficult issues resolved. I remember with appreciation Dr. Brun, my major professor, who would not settle for less than highest quality work. She was a great role model. I fondly remember Dr. Hausafus, who taught me SPSS and Education Technology. She would make the class laugh with her wonderful sense of humor. I also remember Dr. Smith's commitment and dedication to imparting critical thinking skills through FCS education across the K-12 curriculum. I will never forget Dr. Fanslow who was an awesome research methods teacher. I remember Dr. Williams who taught me Curriculum Development and Program Development using participatory methods. It was an honor to be invited by Dr. Williams to co-teach Diversity Education with her. It felt wonderful to share aspects of Indian culture with the students. My learning experiences at Iowa State University gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of diversity.