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School days and friends, 1940s-1950s

Submitted by Carolyn Andrews Salasek from Marshalltown, Iowa, USA
B.S. Home Economics Education 1953

College life from 1949 until 1953

I was in home economics education. I came here in 1949. I started living in Welch Hall. My last three years I lived in Elm. Our house mother's name was Mrs. Vollmer and she was strict. She was always warning us against "climbing the boy's frames" (getting too chummy with them.)

Those were the days of the big bands, like Jimmy Dorsey. We had formal dances for everything, like the Autumn Dance and the Christmas Dance.

We ate formally in the dining rooms every night. We were served by the male waiters and everything was served according to Hoyle.

I was engaged from the time I was a sophomore. My husband was serving in the military, stationed in Germany, so we would write letters every day.

We went to the Methodist Wesley Foundation every Sunday; we would walk the entire distance in spike heels. On Sunday evenings we would eat at Spudnut donut shop. That's been torn down.

We didn't go out in the evenings during the week at all. We studied. As freshman, we had to be in our rooms by a quarter to nine on week nights. On Saturday nights we could stay out until 12:30 and on Sunday I think we could be out until 10.

We all wore dresses to class. We weren't allowed to wear pants except when it was very cold. Our skirts had to be starched and pressed then. Bobby socks and saddle shoes were the norm.

Everyone had to live in managed houses for a while then. We would take care of a baby one week, cook one week, and clean another. One Thanksgiving it was very cold and many of the students were not able to get home. I stayed and took care of the baby.

I graduated on May 12, 1953 on Clyde Williams Field. It was about 98 degrees. I had purchased a nylon dress and I just about died of heat because we had to wear wool robes.

Veishea parades had a lot more floats then than today. There also used to be more bands.