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School days and friends, 1940s-1950s

Submitted by Ruth Hartwell Rossow from Los Altos, CA
Dietetics alum
  • Dietetics B.S., 1948

First Year Follies

I was a student at Iowa State right after WWII, it was 1945. Rooms were at a premium, so I lived with five other girls in the basement of Roberts Hall in what used to be a typing room. We had so much fun in that room. One day, we cooked hotdogs with an iron because we weren't allowed to have stoves and the iron was the only thing we had to cook with. We got in trouble for that one.

My boyfriend was at the end of his V12 committment, so he came to visit one weekend. It just so happened to be the same weekend that my mother came to visit. She was staying in my room and at about 3:00 am my boyfriend came over and tapped on the window to wake me up. I got in trouble for that one too.