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School days and friends, 1980s-2000s

Submitted by Susan T. Dobson from Ames, Ia USA
elementary education alum
  • B.S. Elementary Education/Special Education

Iowa State Magic

My senior year (1981) my friends and I wanted to celebrate our last New Year's as ISU co-eds in a special way. Keeping with Iowa State tradition, we decided it was essential to "campanile" at the stroke of midnight. Following that celebration, my then-boyfriend and I and another couple walked to the fountain at the Union. We put our New Year's party hats on the Christian Peterson Four Seasons statues. We thought they looked very celebratory! Imagine our surprise when a photo of our adorned statues appeared in The Daily! As you may have now assumed, my then-boyfriend is now my husband of 25 years. Oh, the magic of Iowa State.