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Living and learning, 1980s-2000s

Submitted by Jenny Dobson from Ames, Iowa
Child, Adult and Family Services student
  • Child, Adult and Family Services, December 2007

Both Sides of University Community Childcare

As an Ames native, I was fortunate enough to attend University Community Childcare from the ages of 2 through 6. I have many fond memories of my days spent with the numerous international children I played with. I attended UCC in the 1980's and 1990's when it was located in what used to be called Pammel Court. UCC moved to University Village in March of 2005. That fall, as an ISU student, I began to work at the daycare at which I grew up. Watching the children learn, grow and play has been a wonderful experience and allwed me to reminisce on my childhood days. Many of the staff who worked at UCC when I was younger are still working there today. UCC is a wonderful organization that serves very unique individuals and provides the opportunity to interact with the international population.