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Living and learning, 1930s-1940s

Submitted by Peggy Schenk Smith from Arizona City, Arizona 85223
  • B.S., Home Ec.Journalism, 1938

Classes and career in food and journalism

Seventy years ago in September 1936, I entered Iowa State College, Ames, as a sophomore transfer student majoring in Foods and Nutrition, combined with Technical Journalism (a joint major permitted then). The cooking class started with cream sauce; the textiles and clothing class with cloth swatches; the journalism class with strict fact reporting; the child care class with cooking our own meals and caring for a baby in group living; the home science course with repairing a wall plug; and the chemistry class stretched our minds in a difficult new direction. Eventually, I became editor of the college's monthly magazine, called "The Homemaker."

Then, in 1938, I wore a mortar board (and belonged to Mortar Board) and headed out into a world of job preparation and maturity. Specifically, my career jobs were at Gardner Advertising Company and Pet Milk Company in St. Louis and Wheat Flour Institute in Chicago. Thank you, Iowa State, for great learning and great memories.