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Leaders and role models, 1950s-1960s

Submitted by Donald E. Larew from Fargo, ND USA
  • Interior Design 1963

Individualized program of study folded architecture, interior design into preparation for theatre arts

My entry into the College of Home Economics came during my fifth year at ISU. I was struggling with the math and engineering components of my architectural studies. My mentor and long term supporter "Doc" Clair Watson, Architecture, collaborated with Marjorie Garfield, chair of Interior Design, to create a program for me to complete my BS degree in one year.

I was challenged and rewarded by a very gifted faculty in both disciplines. Along with design opportunities for Stars Over Veishea productions of "Wonderful Town" and "The Music Man" and my fraternity Delta Upsilon, I was provided with a solid education at ISU that has served me well as I enter my 38th year as professor of Theatre Arts and Artistic Director of the Little Country Theatre at North Dakota State University.