Connect Four

When you arrive at Iowa State, you'll find a world of opportunities.  Here are some of the programs offered through Human Sciences Multicultural Programs that our students enjoy!

Connect Four




"This program opened doors for me that I didn't even know existed. I learned everything from resumes to graduate school. Being part of the program also motivated me to be a better student overall."

-Connect Four Participant

What is it?  Connect Four is a group just for first-year students of color in the College of Human Sciences. The goal is to develop a community of students of color and give you the opportunity to meet new people and learn about campus resources. It is a place for you to connect to the university community and the College of Human Sciences.

Connect Four Includes:

  • Meetings twice a month
  • Free food at meetings
  • A peer mentor who can 'show you the ropes'
  • Academic support (students who participate in Connect Four have a higher average GPA's than students who choose not to)
  • Fun--we have a good time.

How do I join? Contact to learn about upcoming meetings and how you can get involved.

CHS Multicultural Mentors


"I learned a lot about my resources, made long lasting friendships and now understand the importance of leadership on the ISU campus."

-CHS Multicultural Mentor


What is it? The CHS Multicultural Mentors are a select group of students chosen to serve as mentors for Connect Four students.  This opportunity is much more though--these upper-class students engage in leadership development, professional preparation and continued academic support.

What do mentors do?

  • Meet regularly with their mentee
  • Attend monthly leadership development sessions
  • Participate in annual Mentor Leadership Retreat

How do I join? Applications will be available in Spring.

ISU Leaders in Education & Diversity - ILEAD

As the superintendent of the Ames Community School District, Dr. Tim Taylor, says, "some of the best teachers come from Iowa State."  It is the mission of ILEAD to make sure you are one of those excellent teachers!

What is it? ILEAD is a club started by students to promote diversity within education. These future teachers focus on professional development for multicultural students going into education.

How do I join? Meetings begin every fall.  Contact to learn more or visit our Student Activities page to learn more.


National Society of Minorities in Hospitality - NSMH 


“As graduation neared, I had five job offers through my involvement and leadership in this organization. There are no words I can use to express what this organization has done for me and what I know if can do for other people. ..if you are considering a career in hospitality this is the organization to join.”

-Brittany, 2013 Hospitality Management Graduate

What is it? NSMH is a student organization for multicultural students or those interested in diversity going into the hospitality industry. NSMH is an excellent way to network within the industry, make friends, and gain some excellent skills. The group routinely attends the NSMH National Conference.

How do I join? To learn more, contact the group's adviser at or visit our Student Activities page.


National & Iowa State Conference on Race & Ethnicity -ISCORE/NCORE Project

Students at the NCORE Conference

What is it? Students are selected to attend the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity, return to campus and take a class on race and ethnicity, conduct research along with their team and present at the Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity with following spring.  Throughout the process, students learn from nationally recognized speakers, engage in meaningful discussions and make life-long friends. 

How do I join? Applications will be available late fall.  You can find the application online.