LeBaron Hall rebuild and MacKay Hall renovation

Aerial view of LeBaron and MacKay halls
Iowa State University’s top capital priority for the 2020 legislative session is replacing LeBaron Hall (pictured at left) and renovating portions of adjoining 108-year-old MacKay Hall (center).

Replacing LeBaron Hall is Iowa State’s top capital priority in the 2020 Board of Regents funding request to the Iowa Legislature. If approved, $30 million in state funds will be appropriated to replace 60-year-old LeBaron Hall and renovate portions of MacKay Hall.

An additional $15 million in private gifts and $10 million in university funds are proposed for the $55 million project.

Adaptable, state-of-the-art spaces will enhance student/faculty collaboration, high-impact experiential learning, and innovation.

Possible model for new building

Building proposal to advance human sciences

LeBaron Hall ❶ 

Replace with entrepreneurial teaching and research facility for:

  • Apparel, events, and hospitality management
  • Human development and family studies
  • Human Sciences Extension and Outreach
  • College and university-wide collaboration

Plaza ❷ and Atrium ❸

  • Flexible, multi-purpose spaces for teaching, research, collaboration, and events

MacKay Hall ❹

  • Transform functionality and accessibility while preserving historic architecture


Project cost

$37 million - LeBaron Hall  and Atrium

$12.5 million - Plaza

$5.5 million - MacKay Hall

$55 million - Total

Event management students testing equipment
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How the College of Human Sciences is impacting Iowans

Iowa State University’s $3.4 billion impact on the state of Iowa reflects service to families, communities, and businesses — and benefits to society from an expanded economy and improved quality of life.1
1The Economic Value of Iowa State University of Science and Technology

The College of Human Sciences:

    • Prepares professionals who improve the quality of people’s lives — leaders in healthcare, social services, education, nutrition and wellness, hospitality and events, and STEM — job sectors with projected 15-year growth rates of 19-23%2 in Iowa.
  • Reports 61% of 2017-2018 College of Human Sciences graduates found employment in Iowa.
  • Graduates leaders who strengthen families, schools, and communities.
  • Engages 23,000 alumni who live in Iowa, serving as knowledgeable, motivated leaders helping fuel the state and national economy.

2Iowa: Education and Workforce Trends Through 2025